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Prathighanta Movie Review - A wake up call

Prathighanta Movie Review - A wake up call
Nischala (Charmi) works as a Reporter for TV5. She comes to know about an incident that took place in a village called Polkampalli-rape attempt on a girl named Laxmi. Nischala informs it to her Managi        


A boy, who was bit by an African Mosquito, comes under a strange disease which transforms him to a huge structure. His father always abuses him causing insult. Actually, he is a kind hearted human, ha        

Race Gurram Movie Review

Race Gurram Movie Review
The movie starts with the voice of Sunil, describing the characters of Allu Arjun(Lucky) and Shyam (Ram).Lucky and Ram are brothers, who has silly quarrel’s between them every day. Going ahead Ram become ACP and follows the rules and regulations very strictly. But, our hero Bunny is a cool and jovial going boy. One fine day Lucky saw Spandana (Sruthi hassan) and fell in love with her (Love at first sight).        

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