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Kannada Movie Jackie Review - Puneeth Rajakumar

Updated on : Oct 14, 2010




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Kannada Movie Jackie Review - Puneeth Rajakumar

Rating: 4/5

Banner: Poornima Enterprises
Cast: Puneet Rajkumar, Bhavana Menon, Rangayana Raghu
Music: V. Harikrishna
Cinematography: Satya Hegde
Editing: Deepu S Kumar
Producer: Parvathamma Rajkumar
Story, Screen-Play, Director: Duniya Soori


Jackie alias Janakiraman (Puneeth Rajakumar) is 8th standard educated smart youngster living with his mother Jayamma who is operating Ragi Machine for her living. He is talkative and uses the opportunities around him to eke out a living. He is a good at playing cards too. In the locality where he lives the priest daughter Sandhya (Harshika Poonacha) is in love with a photo studio owner and asks Jackie to help her in the marriage. Jackie initially helps but when the priest questions him Jackie decide to get away from the issue respecting the elderly persons feelings.
What Jackie did not expect happens when Yashoda and her lover with a blind girl in the town run away to teach a lesson to her father.  In the meantime the priest is under the impression Jackie is the mediator in this case. So it becomes responsibility of Jackie to trace Yashoda her lover and the blind girl. In the journey of his search Jackie is followed by police and it is a tough task. That is because Jackie friend has escaped from the prison and the cop chasing culprit is killed by a matador van. Jackie is running for his life now. In the dense forest he finds the sacrifice of a beautiful girl that is Bhavana. The trouble shoots up for Jackie again. Even the wrong doers are chasing him now. In the meantime he finds the blind little girl who went with Yashoda from his native village is dead. The search for Jackie is something else now. He gets a clue when he becomes friendly to constable Bheemanna (Rangayana Raghu) that lead to suspicious activities of transporting girls to abroad in oil tankers. Jackie is on the hunt for the dangerous team. As the police from other part also follow Jackie it is a place for the climax. Even after beaten badly Jackie shows his complete muscle power and earns good name from the police.

It is a tricky screenplay, the dialogues are good. Director Soori has not come out from the rugged places and awkward atmosphere that is where the poor and down trodden live. The locations look natural in the talkie portions and in songs the grandeur is cynosure to all eyes. Understanding the image of Power star Puneeth Rajakumar director Soori with dialogues, screenplay by himself gives a different film. There is no doubt about it. The introduction of strong characters, the colloquial languages the appealing to the front benchers Soori has done a splendid home work. Showing the places with places the film is always with sound and activities.
The songs and action portions gives the repeat audience. The 78th production of Dr Rajakumar family so far has not been so hard on screen. The soft and sensible handlings were major trump card from the family of pride in Karnataka. But Jackie crosses all limits.
The song especially Yakka Raja Rani….has some objectionable words and to the standard of Dr Rajakumar family it was not needed.
For attracting the new genre the hero acquiring power to beat so many people at regular interval and even getting up from buried state of affairs there is no justification.
This is definitely a film for action lovers and aimed at front benchers keeping repeat audience in mind. It has all the ingredients of a box office film.

Puneeth Rajakumar is the screen stealer for his action, dance and dialogue delivery. The new variety of dance is exceptionally good. The head on the ground no one has tried in dance sequences so far. There is general dance, break dance and western style in the capturing of songs.
Bhavana the Mallu girl looks sweet but she does not have much to do and her acting potentially has not been fully driven here. Rangayana Raghu is another actor who makes the ‘Jackie’ very jovial with wit and humor. Ravi Kale as transporter of girls to other countries looks apt. Sumithramma and Harshika Poonachcha render good support.

This is a high graded technical cinema. The camera angles the eye catching twists and turns the camera makes is of high standard of work from Sathya Hegde. The using of colors and sets looking natural deserves full marks for art director Shashidhara Adapa.
There are two songs Shiva Antha Hogutidde….and Yakka Raja Rani…..look similar in voice and they are the two big sensations of the film. The song of Puneeth Rajakumar in Yadavattaithu…..the shot dividing, cinematography and splendid locations add more value to the song.
The editing is another department gives a fine feel. The links are not missing and narration flow looks very natural and precise.
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