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Roaring Success for 'Pancharangi'

Updated on : Sep 11, 2010



Roaring Success for 'Pancharangi'

Yogaraja Bhat has won the box office battle in the first week of ‘Pancharangi’. In 25 days the film would give Rs.5 crores profit after deducting the theatre rent and the expenditure made on the film.
On Friday afternoon Yogaraja Bhat and his team consisting of co producer Subramanya, versatile actor Ananthnag, actress Nidhi Subbaiah, screenplay writer Pawankumar, music director Mano Murthy and cameraman Thyagarajan addressed the media on the success of ‘Pancharangi’ in the first week.
‘I have made this film with confusion and fear in me’ admitted Yogaraj Bhat addressing the media. We have done this film in a minimum budget. Making a neat and tidy cinema I have learnt while making this film but still I am with some sort of fear. The cooperation of my friend Soori, Subramanya and my team members has paid results. The creation of new audience is what I always aimed at from film to film. It has turned out to be on a promising note from ‘Pancharangi’ says the gleeful Yogaraj Bhat.
The media reports are also responsible for the success to this range for ‘Pancharangi’ stated co producer Subramanya.
Versatile actor Ananthnag expressed the satisfaction from a new experiment from Yogaraj Bhat. The people are fed up of mechanical life and this type of dosage for their relief is a big boon felt Ananthnag.
From the songs we have made the first win. Initially we thought of Life Ishtene…would be a huge hit but Udisuve Belakina Seereya….has clicked enormously stated Mano Murthy who has come back with melody in a big way.
I am recognized from this film wherever I go. People say ‘Life Ishtena’ looking at me. All the theatres are houseful is happiness for charming
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