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Mahesh Movie Review

Mahesh Review - Mahesh Movie Review - Mahesh Telugu Movie Review - Mahesh Telugu Film Rating


Sundeep Kishan's "Mahesh" is released today. It's an  romantic and comedy performer. Sundeep Krishnan and Dimple Chopde are playing lead roles here. Tamil actor Jagan has performed a primary role within this movie.Sana Oberoi come up with special appearance within the movie.

Coming to the story Shiva (Sundeep) can be a fellow who'll take advantage of the existence with females and pubs. He and also the friend Vasanth (Jagan) live an aimless existence despite the fact that away their time by tease with females and consuming in bars. Upon a commercial tour, romance blossoms between Shiva and Sandhya (Dimple).Since the days pass, Shiva and Sandhya get physical having sex.

This can be discovered by their parents which eventually leads to marriage. Despite his marriage, Shiva remains careless and aimless. Eventually, he discovers a telephonic conversation between his wife together with a man referred to as Mahesh. Within the conversation, Shiva involves in conclusion he remains taken for just about any ride by Sandhya. He decides to look lower Mahesh, to get the truth. What happens next? It will form the rest of the story. For the complete movie story you must watch it on the big screen...


Coming to the analysis Sundeep Kishan doesn't have the design of the conventional Telugu hero. He's a little too noisy within the emotional moments as well as in drunken episodes. The other half from the film is actually bad. Things move from bad to worse when the ‘Mahesh’ position makes the film. The majority of the comedy moments misfire and there's no logical flow within the story.

However the positive factor is Dhanraj’s dubbing works best for Jagan. This can help to create some quantity of nativity in to the movie. Dimple Chopade looks good and she or he has provided a good performance within this movie. Sundeep Kishan is nearly ok in certain moments. A couple of double meaning dialogues brings some giggles from audiences. There's no Telugu nativity within the film, despite using some familiar voices for that dubbing. For the dubbing work, it is extremely shoddy.

There's also a little of ‘Tamil Paithyam’ within the film.The performances from the supporting cast are far too noisy and don't help much the film. Logic applies to a large add in the film. For those who have great entertainment within the film, no longer logic enjoy yourself. However when there's neither logic nor entertainment, things become quite tough for audiences. The climax sequence is very bad.


Coming to the performances  Jagan  makes an impact. He carries the film on his shoulders and that he impresses together with his funny character. It's painful to determine actor with potential like Sundeep Kishan has been wasted such great for nothing character. Actress Dimple Chopde impresses with looks but do not have anything much related to the limited script. Sana Oberai sizzled within the item number. Relaxation from the figures for example Livingston, Vijay, Srinath, Uma Padhmanabhan, Swaminathan, Singamuthu, Nellai Siva and Venkat Sundar are encouraging using their performances. Overall performances is not up to the mark.


R.Madhan Kumar is not special to provide aside from couple of areas of the movie. Major loop hole within the movie is Dimple is stated to become heart throb from the college men.The script lacks imagination which is foreseeable too. Whereas Sundeep hasn’t seen the lady in the first 3 years of his engineering existence. The size of the film does not operate in its favors either, and you're feeling that a minimum of a great a quarter-hour might be chopped off without having done the film any harm. Climax is really a large disappointment. Raana’s cinematography is neat, especially his operate in Maadi Musi and Oorike Vayasu tunes are praise worthy. Music by Gopi Sunder is sufficient. Background Score is noisy, which might have been easily tone downed. Production values are ok within the whole movie.

Final Word: Mahesh movie is just OK with the story line and the twists are worst. So please avoid smoothly for this click for this weekend.

Mahesh Review Rating: 1.5/5

Cast: Sundeep Kishan, Dimple Chopade, Jagan,Vijay, Srinath, Uma Padhmanabhan, Swaminathan, Singamuthu, Nellai Siva, Venkat Sundar, Sana Oberoi
Music: Gopi Sundar
Director: R Madhankumar
Producer: Suresh Kondeti
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