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Something Something Movie Review

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Something Something Movie Review

Something Something Review - Something Something Movie Review - Something Something Telugu Movie Review - Something Something Film Rating


Siddarth, Hansika’s ‘Something Something’ released today. This movie is completely having romantic comedy and it has been directed by Sundar. This movie is released in Tamil and Telugu. Coming to the Telugu edition which has been chosen by Lakshmi Ganapathy films. Here the special attraction is Lakshmi Ganapathy films. Always they chose best movies.

Coming to the movie story Kumar (Siddarth) is a nervous fellow. He always against to the thought of love. And also he is unimpressed to affairs. But the other side he came from a family which confidently believes in the belief of love marriages. Coming to our hero Kumar is strict in a simple and straightforward life.

The whole thing changes as soon as Sanjana (Hansika Motwani) comes into Kumar’s existence. Sanjana joins Kumar’s office as a new member of staff then Kumar straight away falls in love with her. Then he is started coming up with strategy to encourage her. But he faces unbendable competition from George (Ganesh Venkatraman). Then worried Kumar go round to Love Guru Premji (Brahmanandam. He is basically a well-known matchmaking professional. Later what happens? Will they marry? It will form the rest of the story. For that you must watch the movie on big screen…


Coming to analysis Siddarth, Brahmanandam episodes are life to the picture. With these episodes only people will satisfy. Siddarth performance is really decent here. He is a wonderful on top form for the role of Kumar. Brahmanandam is the heart of this film. He is simply very funny as Love Guru Premji. The funny side scenes connecting Brahmanandam and Siddarth are very enjoyable. Hansika is good as Sanjana. She has done an efficient job in this movie. Ganesh Venkatraman is very realistic. First half of the film has first-class and coming to the entertainment proportion is moderately high. Venu Madhav is just ok here. The passionate scenes between Hansika and Siddarth are pleasant. Samantha and Rana Daggubati appearance also special attraction to the movie. Second half of the movie is a big disappointment.


Coming to the star performances Siddarth done a very nice job here. We know Siddarth well and also he will perform well in comic roles. Here also do the same. Comedy episodes between Siddarth and Brahmi are really superb. Hansika looking cheerful here. She had done justice to her role. Ganesh Venkatraman of Dhamarukam fame done a beautiful job as George. Coming Brahmanandam he is good as Premji. His comedy timing is wonderful. Samantha and Rana Daggubati are also looking beautiful in their guest roles. Rest of the supporting cast also had done justice to their respective roles here.


Sundar direction is good in all areas of the movie. Coming to the screenplay second half sundar lacks clarity. But the rewardable one is his screenplays in Brahmanandam and Siddarth episodes are humorous. Music by Sathya is huge negative amount to this movie.  Background score also not that much effective. Cinematography by Gopi Amarnath is good in all areas. Editing by Praveen K.L, N.B.Srikanth is looking second-rate. Lyrics by Vanamali are just ok. Dialogues by Veligonda Srinivas are first class. But the movie dubbing quality is poor here. Production values are good overall.

Final Word: Siddarth’s ‘Something Something’ movie first half is really superb. Overall it is just one time watch. But not the complete movie.

Something Something Review Rating: 2.25/5

Banners: Lakshmi Ganapathi Films, Avani Cinemax Pvt LTD
Cast: Siddarth, Hansika Motwani, Ganesh Venkatraman, Brahmanandam, Venu Madhav, Samantha, Rana Daggubati, Nalini
Lyrics: Vanamali
Dialogues: Veligonda Srinivas
Screenplay: Sundar
Music: Sathya
Cinematography: Gopi Amarnath
Editing: Praveen & Srikanth
Producer: Subrahmanyam, Suresh
Director: Sundar
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