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Aravind 2 Movie Review

Updated on : Mar 29, 2013




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Aravind 2 Movie Review

Aravind 2 Review - Aravind 2 Movie Review - Aravind 2 Telugu Movie Review - Aravind 2 Review Rating


Sekhar Suri’s “Aravind 2” released today.  Sekhar Suri’s “Aravind 2” is continuation movie to “A Film By Aravind’. Yes this is right.  “A Film by Aravind” is released few years ago. Now he is come up with the continuation movie.

Aravind 2' is a thriller oriented movie. Kamal Kamaraju, Sri, Madhavi Latha, Adonika are in the lead role here. As like previous movie, coming to the story Adonika is the heroine in the movie. Heroine Adonika, Srinivas Avasarala is the Director in the movie. Anchor Vijay is the producer in the movie. They have taken a guest house for a lease to the movie in a forest.

There a psychotic covered murderer travel around in the forest. His one and only aim is to murder any fateful person who crosses his path. Now as per your imagination the psychotic murderer killing one by in the troop. What happens finally? For that you must watch film on Big Screen.


Coming to ‘Aravind2’ analysis everyone will reward the performances as well as work. The inaccessible locations and the physical nature of the action you watch in the movie. The killing shots have been executed well.  In major areas sound effects are pleasant. Screenplay is not up to the mark. Story looses the clarity here. Direction is simply superb. Srinivas Avasarala, Kamal Kamaraju done a very good job here. But Sri not suited to the role of Aravind. ‘Aravind 2' is an unfortunate justification of a thriller. Movie is just average.


Kamal Kamaraju is looking good. He had done his job well here. Sri performed well but he is not suited to the role of Aravind. We know Madhavi Latha. We had seen her in ‘Nachavule’. She looks very well. She had done justice to her role. Adonika is just ok. She is sizzling in the movie. Rest of the actors Srinivas Avasarala and Bannerjee have carried out well.


Sekhar Suri direction is up to the mark. He had done his job well. Story is not good. Screenplay is just ok. Dialougues are ok. Cinematography by K. Rajendra Babu’s is pleasant. Editing is very bad here.  Vijay Kurakula Music and background score are unmemorable. Background music is extremely vital for a film. The movie couldn’t reach ‘A Film by Aravind’. The team failed to give the right sequence movie.

Final Word: Go and Watch ‘Aravind 2' If you want thriller movie, But it is just one time watch.

Aravind2 Review Rating: 2/5

Banner: Sri Vijayabheri Productions
Cast: Sree, Madhavi Latha, Kamal Kamaraju, Adonika, Srinivas Avasarala, Bannerjee
Music: Vijay Kurakula
Cinematography: K. Rajendra Babu
Director: Shekhar Suri
Producer: G. Phanindra, G. Vijay Choudary
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