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Pade Pade Movie Review

Updated on : Feb 15, 2013




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Pade Pade Movie Review

Pade Pade Review - Padhe Padhe Movie Review - Pade Pade Kannada Movie Review - Pade Pade Film Review Rating


A triangular love story with a difference told in captivating style not missing any ingredients of commercial cinema is ‘Pade Pade’.

As the title indicates again and again the protagonist Sunny (Tarun Chandra) remembers his lover Kanchana (Akila Kishor) after destiny playing villain in the life. There is Spoorthi (Mrudula Seth) daughter of a doctor living with her aunt. Spoorthi is an event manager and she obviously comes in touch with Sunny a singer in profession.

At the interval point Kanchana is compelled to marry Vicky (Karthik) son of a politician. Suspense at this point is revealed at a later stage. Now in bad mood Sunny is bailed out in life by Spoorthi and he turns rich in his life. In one of the programs he meets Kanchana as a chorus singer and again the mind of Sunny oscillates towards her.

Now Kanchana in bad shape of her life explains the last minute change in marriage and how she was ditched by Vicky father at the Kalyana Mantapa. As everyone wish Kanchana lives in the house of Sunny. At this gap of rejoining Sunny the traces of love deviating to Spoorthi comes to the notice of Kanchana.

It is true that Spoorthi and Sunny are in love but they do not express it openly. As the marriage of Sunny and Kanchana come close at the You Tube the upload of a video clip strikes Kanchana.

What is that? You have to definitely watch it. Whether Sunny gets Kanchana or Spoorthi as life partner?  That is the climax part of the film.


For Kannada cinema industry another intelligent love story narrator has taken birth. That is Peenya Nagaraj. He is too good in his debut film. The meaning he gives to the title ‘Padhe Padhe’ is also admirable. His screenplay work and taking acting from lead actors Tarun Chandra, Akila Kishor and Mrudula he has won. In addition to it the music and cinematography has supported the new producer Vijay Anandkumar.

For all the youngsters who come today Peenya Nagaraj is a good example. In the range of director Prem – this youngster has evolved in Kannada cinema. The cool and composed narration with twists and turns he gives is brilliant.

Peenya Nagaraj has gone in for some routine run of the mill substances at places but in catching a convincing story and screenplay in ‘Padhe Padhe’ he is a winner.

The film gathers more attention in the second half. Before the interval it is routine one would feel. The newcomer showing great degree of patience is adorable.

When Spoorthi bag her luggage to leave the country the turn of events are quick. How Sunny gets a nod and his movement thereafter is convincing.

For a new director the support extended by debutant producer also deserves applaud. The two new heroines with good qualification in real life accepting the offer of ‘Padhe Padhe’ is commendable.


This is the career best performance of Tarun Chandra. He has given the right moods. His romantic moments, dancing ability and looks are very sweet.

This week Kannada cinema industry has got two lovely looking heroines with tremendous potentiality. The local girl Akila Kishore is very pleasant and pleasure to watch. In a debut it is difficult to give such composed looks and perform. Akila has done it well. Mrudula Seth is another absorbing face to watch in the coming films. She looks very sweet even if she cries. Mrudula from northern India has a great future ahead.

Veena Sunder and Vijaya Kashi plus Sanketh Kashi are OK.


Satish Aryan from playback singing to music director has given three lovely tunes and in the front line of bookings for his future. The most absorbing of the three is ‘Manasaagideyo….. The sorrow song in the second half has some lovely lines from the lyricist.

A cinema is more beautiful when the cinematography work is done well. That has come from Ramesh who is also fresh to Kannada cinema as independent cameraman.

In the song Manasaagideyo… the locations and wide angle he has used is a superb treat to the eyes. Another technician has showed his ability and strength.

The editing of this film is another grand support to the well made film ‘Pade Pade’.

Last but not the Least – Love gives a lasting life. But living rightly is important.


Banner  –  Nihal Movies
Cast  –  Tarun Chandra, Akila Kishor, Mrudula Seth, Vijayakashi, Veena Sunder, Sanketh Kaashi and others.
Music  –  Satish Aryan
Producer  –  Vijay Anandkumar,
Director  –  Peenya Nagaraj 
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