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Charminar Kannada Film Review

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Charminar Kannada Film Review

Charminar Review - Charminar Movie Review - Charminar Kannada Movie Review - Charminar Film Review Rating


This Kannada film ‘Charminar’ is all about the four pillars very important in life for a smooth life to lead. The need of parents, mentors, friends and life partner are very important says director R Chandru in his first home production.

Told in the flash back style ‘Charminar’ is about ABCD Mohana (Nenapirali Prem) who passes through four stages of life but the hardship for him is the last stage – finding the life partner at the right time. That is childhood friend and classmate Radha (Meghana Gaonkar).

When Mohan proposes through a letter to Radha the letter reaches the mother of Radha that come straight to the headmaster of the school (Played by Rangayana Raghu). At the office room Mohan gets an eye opener when headmaster asks Radha what is love. I know only mother love nothing else she replies. That is enough for Mohan to correct himself. He goes for further studies and turns a big official for an American Company. Before that in the college days he keeps his interest and goal very clear.

The aspect of Love and Aim in life director R Chandru has told so far. He has cleared three pillars in life. For Mohan the fourth pillar is Radhe after achieving in his life. He returns from America for Alumni function of his school and finds Radhe in a pitiable condition. He accepts Radhe in the set back condition. He shows that love is important in life even if it is struck with backluck.


From a thriller “Ko Ko Koli Kothi” for Bharani Minerals director R Chandru in this sordid tale of School, College and employment days has consumed more time with not appealing situations in the first half.

The lethargic narration in the first half gives a feel that he is telling his own autobiography and as the second half opens up he gives relief with some morals and how we have to respect elders he enforces.

In the modern days, working as software the character of Mohana agreeing to the terms of Radha mother not to dislodge their family as they belong to lower caste is something not acceptable. At this point the ‘Love’ of Mohana should have become strong instead of further scenes becoming very pathetic to watch on the screen.

In front of ‘Love’ the caste has no value in these days. With Rs.1.50 lakh as salary Mohana changing the track of such thoughts (Radha mother a peon in the school) was required for the present scenario.

Instead of doing so director R Chandru gives a sordid stage for the heroine – accident, losing mother, losing a leg. He is in his school days of cinema making it appears for the minds of audience.

Yet in the climax the respect the film gives for the mentors is superb. Look at what Mohana says to the mentors who taught in the younger days. In this world everyone changes but it is ‘Teacher’ who remains as it is. Agreed Mr Chandru but even the love of the ‘Mother’ is unshakable and unadulterated. A mother has seven to 10 children in the house give the same priority for all the children.

It is the mother that is unchanging. The teachers definitely change when they go to teach higher studies adding further qualification. A teacher in school has chances of becoming lecturer, professor, reader, dean, vice chancellor etc. As the advancement grows up the attitudes of former teacher present professor also changes. We have seen it in real life.

In addition to such flaws director R Chandru makes the cinema lengthy and at places has no control. A small example that relate to our culture – when the heroine packs her baggage to her native village she says ‘Hogthini’ (I go) when the hero says Hogthini (I go) heroine says you should say ‘Hogbit Barthini’ (I go and come). The normal practice in our culture is not I go.


This is a best film for lovely star Premkumar after ‘Nenapirali’. He has understood the role and he represents the present youths. The life is complete when four pillars are strong comes from the hero is admirable indeed. In dance and emotions Prem is lovely.

Meghana Gaonkar has given her best. It is her career best so far. In the cool and composed role the make up for her should have been a little strong. Rangayana Raghu, Vidya Murthy and Suresh Mangalore are impressive in character roles.


A promising music director from Andhra Pradesh has taken birth in Kannada film ‘Charminar’. Hari is very good in three tunes and he has a great future. The lyrics written for the songs are well thought. The songs are also well placed.

KS Chandrasekhar in cinematography has come out brilliantly once again. In capturing the reality and giving different shade to different periods of the film Chandrasekhar shine line ‘Chandra’ (Moon).

Editing should have been on higher end. The film needs at least 20 minutes trimming.

Last but not the Least: Four pillars in life is important likewise the fourth estate Media is also important!

Chandru Charm Less - Score: 3/5

Sri Siddeshwara Films
Cast: Prem, Meghana Gaonkar, Rangayana Raghu, BV Radha, Kumudha, Suresh Mangalore, RG Vijayasarathy, Gowrish Akki and others.
Music: Hari
Camera: KS Chandrasekhar
Producer and Director: R Chandru
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