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Rajamouli 'Bahubali' Karnataka Connection!

Updated on : Feb 06, 2013



 Rajamouli 'Bahubali' Karnataka Connection!

Sterling director of South India SS Rajamouli latest announcement ‘Bahubali’ title has connectivity to Karnataka history. ‘Baahubali’ might be a contemporary style of film making in Telugu starring Prabhas, Rana and Anushka but the fact remains that ‘Baahubali’ (Gomateshwara) is the name of Jainism religion that has wide spread prominence.

In the history of Karnataka ‘Bharata and Baahubali’ are brothers. Renouncing everything in life Baahubali goes for penance but before that he fights a fierce battle with his brother Bharata – both sons of Bhagwaan Rishabh Dev, the first Theerthankara of Jainism religion. ‘Baahubali becomes ‘Gommateshwara’ - colossal statue of Gommateshwar stands 59 feet on the hill Vindhyagiri at Shravanabelgola near Mysore. It is the tallest known monolithic statue in the world carved out of a single huge granite boulder.

In the Kannada film front there was announcement during the time of Shivarajakumar ‘Gandugali Kumara Rama’ in 2006 for making ‘Baahubali’ starring Power star Puneeth Rajakumar and Shivarajakumar. Even the ads were also published in this connection.

SS Rajamouli roots in Karnataka of Sindhanur taluk said to have used one of the folk plays very popular one ‘Karibantana Kalaga’ for his ‘Magadheera’ Telugu film as the base.

Telugu film ‘Bahubali’ one of the biggest films has started ground work. Prabhas and Rana are already learning the sword fight required for the film. 
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