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Dandupalya Telugu Movie Review

Updated on : Jan 26, 2013




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Dandupalya Telugu Movie Review

Dandupalya Review - Dandupalya Movie Review - Dandupalya Telugu Movie Review - Pooja Gandhi Movie Dandupalya Rating

Story -

Dandupalyam Telugu Movie- ‘Dhandupalya’ is the dubbed version of the Kannada hit ‘Dhandupalya’. Coming to this movie basically Pooja Gandhi's Kannada movie Dandupalya which is about an notorious crime gang that spread terror in and around Bangalore in late 90s, was released a few months ago and has proved to be a big commercial success at the Karnataka Box Office.

Here Pooja Gandhi, Ravi Kale, Makarandh Deshpande, Ravi Shankar and Nisha Kothari are the lead actors in this movie. This movie is heavily based on the activities of the notorious Dhandupalya gang. Lakshmi (Pooja Gandhi) and nine of her friends form a gang. These gangs set its sights on Bangalore and get the people. Lonely houses are targeted and the prisoner are killed and raped. When the killings spread, the government represents a high level task force to take in for questioning the gang members. Inspector Chalapathi (Ravi Shankar) heads this force and he has a terrifying reputation as a tough cop. But even he is taken for a ride by this gang they leave little in the form of evidence. Does police find the evidence from the gang?  It will form the rest of the story..For that you must watch.

Analysis -

Director Srinivasa Raju has done the justice to his film. Pooja Gandhi has done a very good job in this movie. She almost lives in the role of Lakshmi. Ravi Shankar is good as dubbing artist. Here he proved as an actor. He has done a good job in this movie. Ravi Shankar’s investigation scenes have been attempt well. Nisha Kothari has done a good job in her limited role. Screenplay is very good in the first half and it is somewhat realistic. Entertainment seeking viewers will not find anything in this movie. The film also has too much Kannada nativity. Second half is not upto the mark.

Performances -

Dandupalya lead role Pooja Gandhi walks away with her excellent performance as Lakshmi. She gave awesome performance here. Nisha Kothari did justice to her job. Makarand Deshapande is amazing with his performance. Ravi Kale is brilliant. Ravishankar gives life to his role of police inspector here. Rest of the people who are in the gang performed well.

Technicalities -

Srinivasa Raju direction is good in all aspects. Arjun Janya’s background score is efficient. Music is especially good during the violent episodes. Ram Prasad’s cinematography is alright. Because of the extensive censor cuts, the editor’s job must have become a terrible. Production values are ok.

Final Word - Dhandupalya is a typical film. If you have guts watch this flick.

Dandupalya Review Rating - 2.5/5

Cast - Nisha Kothari, Pooja Gandhi, Ravi Kale, Ravi Shankar, Makarandh Deshpande
Music - Arjun Janya
Director - Srinivasa Raju
Producer - Girish, Prasanth  
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