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Varadanayaka Movie Review

Updated on : Jan 25, 2013




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Varadanayaka Movie Review

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It is all in the name of ‘Varadanayaka’ with or without in this Kannada cinema of Telugu ‘Lakshyam’.

The terror to the bad elements is ‘Varadanayaka’ (Sudeep). For him the big opponent is Section Shanker (Ravishanker) Varadanayaka happily married living with wife and parents has a brother Hari (Chiranjeevi Sarja). Hari lover is Sirisha (Nikesha Patel) daughter of a business tycoon.

The terror of Varadanayaka is a big disturbance to Swastik Shanker. After receiving heavy set back Swastik Shanker arrange for killing of Varadanayaka. In the mortuary the trusted person of Varadanayaka stabs him. That person is none other than brother of Swastik Shanker.

With the end of Varadanayaka the police department and Hari take up the final finish in the name of Varadanayaka. Police and Hari make Swastik Shanker gang to believe that Varadanayaka is not dead. The younger brother of Varadanayaka is on a killing spree.


The film loses interest once Sudeep depart from the silver screen. With a huge image and fan following the exit of Sudeep is what disappointing for fans. This is cinema besides a remake cinema one has to follow the original. This is what Ayyappa P Sharma has done and he also gets the credit for screenplay of the film.

The tough and intelligent cop does not study the closet (Karthik) properly and falls on the ground from him leaves a question on the capacity of the cop Varadanayaka.  

The first half is very lively and keeps moving fast with action, romance, sentiments, killings, suspense etc. But second half is what not fit enough. Chiranjeevi Sarja taking on the villains in a bigger scale and with no logic evaporating the bad elements is not that acceptable. Of course he has struggled hard. Soon after the massive stab on his stomach he gets up from the hospital is one of the logic less situations in the film.

Kichcha Sudeep role is in fact appealing in the first half and he takes on his enemy of ‘ Kempe Gowda’ Ravishanker again. The face to face of these two reminds ‘ Kempe Gowda’ of the same producer Shanker Gowda. The moustache of Sudeep was up in Kempe Gowda and it is down in this movie.

A villain getting upper hand in a film that stars Sudeep is not acceptable to his fans. In ‘Veera Madhakari’ a remake of Vikramarkudu the double role was very powerful. In the recent multilingual ‘Eega’ Sudeep showed that how powerful he is. In this ‘Varadanayaka’ exit after interval is minus point of the film keeping in mind the cash registers in the box office.

What this ‘Varadanayaka’ has got to say coming after six years to Kannada audience? There is nothing much. In the last six years Sudeep films have told better than what described in this ‘Varadanayaka’. The power filled ‘Veera Madhakari’ was a much stronger role for Sudeep fans.

In the sentiment part, comedy portions and music part there is no novelty at all.


Sudeep has done justice to his role. He is a director actor. A director in himself gets a proper justification to any role he takes up. His agile look, expression of dialogues and stunts are superb. In a graphic song with Sameera Reddy the technology scores more.

Chirnajeevi Sarja has struggled hard we could say. There is lot of improvement needed in his dialogue delivery. Sameera Reddy as wife of Varadanayaka in the film has nothing special. The role of Mukyamantri Chandru could have been deleted.

Nikesha Patel looks gorgeous in blue saree. There is nothing much to showcase her talent. The comedy of Sharan and Bullet Prakash is outdated. Jai Jagadish, Shobaraj and Ganesh Rao quite OK in their roles.

Ravishanker the permanent bad man on Kannada screen is turning routine. He is making variations in his dialogues but that is not strong enough to get enough. He looks tall but not robust.


Cameraman Rakesh has given the required speed for the film. He is tremendous especially in action portions.

Arjun Janya has not given at least one song that lives long. All his scorings for this film are fillers to make the film two hours and 27 minutes.

The film deserved a good editor. Quite a few things could have been deleted to make the film more appealing.

Last but not the Least - Believe the right demolish the wrong!


Cast – Sudeep, Chiranjeevi Sarja, Sameera Reddy, Nikesha Patel, Ravishanker, Shobaraj, Sharan, Mukyamantri Chandru, Ganesh Rao, Jai Jagadish, Bullet Prakash, Chitra Shenoy, Jai Jagadish, Dharma, Karthik and others.
Music Director – Arjun Janya
Directior – Ayyappa P Sharma
Producer – Shakar Gowda  
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