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Lakshmi Kannada Movie Review

Updated on : Jan 18, 2013




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Lakshmi Kannada Movie Review

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The second film of ‘Bharani Minerals’ has a patriotic story never missing the commercial elements. The strong base for terrorism destruction is the main focus of this film. For this the hard work, sincerity and courage of both Lakshminarayan (Shivarajakumar) and Priya (Priyamani) contributes a lot.

After marriage the couple Lakshmi and Priya taking a stand to serve the nation is the essential element of the story line. Lakshmi removing some of the danger elements finds to his shock that his wife Priya is kidnapped. That makes him to come to Hong Kong. The story unveils to the shock of Lakshmi that his wife is working as personal secretary to the main kingpin of terrorist gang - played by Ashish Vidyarthi.

In the most dangerous surroundings Lakshmi with the help of deal Raaja (Rangayana Raghu) finds the cute little daughter Dashalakshmi that is none other than his own. Priya in the most dangerous and biggest team that is out to destroy the entire Indian sub continent is at last traced by Lakshmi at the right moment.

When that moment comes several black sheep have to be removed by Lakshmi. When the den of Ashish Vidyarthi is surrounded by Lakshmi it is a twist again.

Why Priya joined the gang of most dangerous team? How she suffers to free her nation? What are the reasons responsible for Priya to take on a strong step in life to change as Reshma and get in to the team of anti social elements? Whether Lakshmi and Priya meet for a happy ending? These are the questions you get answer in the film ‘Lakshmi’.


Undoubtedly this is the biggest and lavish thinking on the part of Bharani Minerals. The screenplay of this film is fantastic. No one can guess the developments till the last frame of the film is the first most beauty of ‘Lakshmi’ Kannada film.

Truly the team of ‘Lakshmi’ has understood what the generation requires. The story line tight and captivating screenplay laced with salutation to the nation deserves a salutation to the makers of this movie.

The first half is lengthy and second half is a big blast with latest knowhow and on the international standards. For giving a thought to such high standards the team of ‘Lakshmi’ deserves kudos.

The film ‘Lakshmi’ is definitely a new change in the career of Shivarajakumar. After ‘Sarvabowma’ Kannada cinema Shivarajakumar taking on this ‘Lakshmi’ and seeing the safety of the nation is well thought for the present socio conditions of this country.

There is a saying in English – ‘Wearer knows where the shoe pinches’. Very rightly Lakshmi pinches at the trouble shooters at the end. Sentiment of this country is most respectable and it is also a weakness. Love the nation and protect it from enemies is effectively portrayed in the days of technological advancement.

The connectivity of this film right from the first shot told in captivating and breath taking style at place is admirable. When the protagonist of the film kicks the Bharatanatyam dancer from the back in the packed auditorium the heat begins for this film. The audience starts biting their nails. The tempo it keeps till the last frame does not make the audience to get out in the middle.

The suspense elements in this film are glorious. In fact it is in excess. Cutting down the length of the film was also possible.

When one asks what is not there in the film it is difficult to answer. All the ingredients of a commercial film are superbly packed. In the zoom and zeal of proceedings the baby of Lakshmi and Priya – about six to seven years of age leaves a question. As the proceedings are in full swing the time lapse is not recorded from the time it is announced that Priya is kidnapped and Lakshmi reaches Hong Kong to find his cute little daughter.

On the technical front the graphic technology applied for this film absolutely looks natural and none of the scenes look gaudy. The takings are not familiar to Kannada audience. The opulence fed to the songs especially Come Come Kamanna… extraordinary.

There is sentiment, patriotism, search for right living in society, action, romance, comedy at places, visual treat is found in every scene of the film.

Raghav Loki and team with Bharani Minerals have offered the first New Year treat to Kannada audience. It is double the ticket money. A fabulous treat for Shivarajakumar fans.


Who will say Shivarajakumar is 50 years? He looks 25 and his makeup and costume designing in this film is as excellent as his performance. As a silent warrior in the beginning and in full zoom in the second half, stepping to breezy songs, delivery of dialogues to shake the opponents plus screen presence of Shivarajakumar definitely on a higher side from his previous films.

It is a magnificent performance from Priyamani. This national award winning actress in two shades raises the eye brows for her performance and sizzling moments.

Ashish Vidyarthi was in regular rut films so far. In this film right from makeup and dubbing done to his role there is change. Saloni in a short role in the camp of CBI team, Adarsh, Yethiraj, Raghuram, Rangayana Raghu and the cute little kid are absorbing.

The sensible role has come once again for Avinash. With a tail and backbone of several activities connected to Reshma in the film Avinash is delectable once again.


Full marks the technical team of this film. The graphic representation in the film never leaves a mark that is purposefully done. Perhaps this is the first best computer graphic utilized Kannada cinema not leaving a clue. It has come out so naturally.

KS Chandrasekhar has given the scenic beauty in every frame. Not even one shot is out of focus or leaves an impression that it deserved to be better.

Editor of this film has the wide knowledge. He never misses or makes us to feel bad by missing the connections. The scissors to the scenes of the film shot is also the prerogative of the director Raghav Loki.

The musical scores of Gurukiran are peppy, melodious and sounding is so good. The lyrics and rhythm reaches the ears of the listeners. Three songs are par excellence from Gurukiran.

Last but not the Least – Save the nation for peace and harmony!


Banner – Bharani Minerals

Cast Shivarajakumar, Priyamani, Avinash, Ashish Vidyarthi, Vincent, Ravi Kaale, Mico Shivu, Lakshman, Saloni, Adarsh, Yethiraj, RG Vijayasarathy, Ravishanker and others.
Cinematography – KS Chandrasekhar
Music – Gurukiran
Producers – BR Duggineni, Adhi
Directior – Raghav Loki  
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