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Galate Movie Review

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Galate Movie Review


This is a love story or rather triangular love story with twists and turns. The college going Abhi (Prajwal) is liked by Ankitha (Kriti Kharbanda). She does not reveal it fast and compel Abhi to come to a fashion show of her friend Shalini (Hardika Shetty). It is love at first site for Abhi and he comes seeking for help to his best friend Ankita.

Ankitha comes set for proposing to Abhi and at that time Abhi seeks her help as he is in love with model Shailini. It is the letter that Abhi asks Ankitha to write creates lot of confusion in the parents of Abhi and Shalini. After duets and roaming around Abhi realizes that he is in a wrong catch. He tells Shailini that he is not interested in her modeling career. That breaks up the love between the two. At this point the letter Shalini throws on the face of Abhi makes him to realize that it is written by Ankitha. Finally both Shailini and Ankita pull Abhi on the railway track. With whom he decides to live - end part of the film.


This is quite an interesting triangular love story. The shock is at the interval point. That is at the imagination of Jackie a trailer of Shailini. Jackie stabs at Shalini and Abhi stabs at Jackie! That gives a question in the mind. When the interval opens it is shown in reverse angle and in the imagination of Jackie it is put up.

Well known director MD Sridhar should have been careful in connecting the scenes and songs. With actors like Prajwal, Kriti Kharbanda and Hardhika Shetty – the confusion he creates and with senior actors like Thara, Shobaraj, Shashikumar and Suman Ranganath the liveliness he brings in are enjoyable.

There is no big story in the film. The work is done by the screenplay. Who loves whom is all about the film. The romantic moods, the exotic locations and lavish spending by new producer Rajendra Kumar makes this film worth watching once. On the acting part there are no flaws. The screenplay in the second half is easy to understand.


Kriti Kharbanda looks charming in her smile and costumes selected for her makes more appealing. The surprise of this film is Hardhika Shetty. She looks very glamorous. Kannada heroine in a swim suit and dashing photo session gives her good chances for filling the glamour quotient in coming films.

Prajwal action scenes are chilling. He is a lively Chocó boy. Thara brings back the memory of Minugu Thaare Kalpana. The ‘Sharapanjara’ dialogue of Kalpana by Thara in hallucination gives full marks for her. As timid wife she is too good.

Shobaraja as a cop plus suspicious husband has emoted well and he is showing some change from his usual hit and run roles. Suman Ranganath sizzles from her body language. Veteran actor Shashikumar makes his scenes very lively.


Krishna Kumar already an expert in the cinematography has given wonderful visual treat to the eyes. The foreign locales of Malaysia and Karnataka locales are brilliant in his camera.

Jassie Gift has gifted two lovely songs for this film. In one place the editing should have maintained the link.

Last but not Least – Love is noble and it is global too.


Cast –
Prajwal Devaraj, Kriti Kharbanda, Hardhika Shetty, Thara, Shashikumar, Shobaraj, Suman Ranganath, Sharan, Thilak, Kishori Ballal, Naveen Chandra, Mithra and others.
Music – Jassie Gift
Directior – MD Sridhar
Producer – MN Rajendra Kumar  
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