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The Best Songs of the Year 2012 in Kannada

Updated on : Jan 02, 2013



The Best Songs of the Year 2012 in Kannada

With many to hits his credit music director V Harikrishna could not beat one song of Gurukiran is the scene of 2012 music scene in Kannada cinema.

That is true. The rich popularity gained by Pyaarge Agbuttaithe….Namdhuke Jaan Ge Hogbittaithe….in the internet media and also in sale of audio is so high that none of the musical scores of V Harikrishna came closer to it.

There were quite impressive songs in ‘Anna Bond’ of power star Puneeth Rajakumar, song of ‘Romeo’ sung by Shreya Goshal – Alochane Aradhane Ella Nindhene…scored by Arjun Janya is undoubtedly the female best song of the year. Again V Harikrishna in ‘Drama’ got good report for his songs.

Arjun Janya in ‘Manethanaka Baare….was another good song while it was official entry for Oscar award winning music director AR Rahman for Kannada and he made two new tunes for the film ‘God Father’. The mother song Laali Laali Amma….an original from ‘Varalaru’ was the best.

Ammate Ammate….in ‘Addhoori’ by V Harikrishna created a rage among the youths. There was a catchy tune from Anoop Seelin in ‘Sidnligu’ – Ellello Oduva Manase….

Gurukiran and V Harkrishna are popular music directors. To the list of popularity this year Arjun Janya name adds. Arjun Janya’s ‘Alemari, Rambo, Romeo’ were impressive from his music bank.
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