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Yaare Koogadali Movie Review

Updated on : Dec 20, 2012




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Yaare Koogadali Movie Review


Kannada film ‘Yaare Koogadali’ a remake of Tamil film ‘Poorali’ is a film with a purpose and meaning. It is the unscrupulous minds hunger for property in the village that smudges the power of Kumara. Kumara (Puneeth Rajakumar) is not given education and food to grow. Kumar grows against all odds. As he grows he is a staunch admirer of Lord Ganesha. When the treasure in the land owned by family members is found the need of Kumar signature for the mammoth money acquires importance.

When a gang of disgruntled elements does not reciprocate to the power and honesty of Kumar they indulge in malpractice. Kumar is brought to mental hospital tagged as a mad boy. The purpose is to bring his nervous system down and get his signature for huge property.

From the mental hospital Kumar escape with the timely help of a doctor. He goes to the place where no one knows him. He is followed by Natesha (Yogesh) another victim of similar case. He starts his own service station. He becomes very close to the people answering their problems in a precise manner.

The gang looking for Kumar follows him in the city. This time Kumara turns back to use his power of muscles and intelligence. In the village he transfers the land belonging to his ancestors to the government. In the city he takes on everyone and asks them to behave properly.


The film connects to Dr Rajakumar film ‘Sampathige Savaal very closely. It is the ‘Sampathu’ (wealth) in this film too. Money is not the main thing it is the morality what Dr Rajakumar character says in ‘Sampathige Savaal’.

In the similar way when Kumara character throws the papers to the faces of Ravishanker and Vijay Kaudinya the statement – how beautifully we could have lived comes up. From excuse the character of Kumar reaches heights. Dr Rajakumar character also in ‘Sampathige Savaal’ also takes similar stand.

The song of Sampathige Savaal – Yaare Koogadali….Oore Horadali…is in clips in the beginning. When the film ends the whole songs is heard.

This film is ‘Nodable’ (meaning is worth watching) because of various reasons. The script and screen play is very engaging for the family audience. When Power star Puneeth Rajakumar family picks a subject means the power is known on the contents. When the film is brought on the silver screen in the remake version ‘Yaare Koogadali’ is delectable and meaningful. Why it is meaningful – it is not the blood relationship only important. Without the blood relationship we have to live in this society is magnificent. Tit for Tat, action for action, blood for blood should not happen is interesting and required for our society. Above all the statement of the film ‘Forgiving is the best punishment’ for opponent is fabulous thought of the director.

The advice of doctor (Played by Dr Girish Karnad) in the mental asylum to Kumar is at the right time. Secondly the central character of doing well for everyone and asking to shun the violence, vengeance is required for the society. The role of Kumara coming to city joining a petrol bunk with Natesha (Yogesh) and forming his own team for service – ‘Siddi Vinayaka Paid Service Center’ others can follow from this film.

Service to humanity is service to God. On this slogan the activities of the protagonist is based should be seriously taken in the rural areas.

The narration of this film is very sensible. The suspense is maintained throughout the film. The pattern of flashback opening of Kumara and Natesha with their counterparts is quite impressive.

The developments in the ‘Vatara’ (cluster of houses) could have been brought down in temper. The character of Sadhu Kokila is also in the excess at the beginning reels.

The film has the ruggedness, killings, bloodshed that causes bit worry. At the outset it looks appropriate because the treatment meted out to the hero is so disgusting.


Yet another chilling performance from power star Puneeth Rajakumar. He is best when he is silent in this film. With no words his expressions are superb at many places. In the get up of lengthy hair the fire in this actor with permanent fire is even more.

Setting some benchmark for the youths is seen from Power star Puneeth Rajakumar character. The team he builds up and stands as pillar is a message from the actor in this film.

Yogesh is brilliant in his role and his histrionics and ‘Kelosko’ often in the film is in a different pitch for this able actor.

Dr Girish Karnad role in the mental hospital is of high importance. Jnanapith award winner of Karnataka gives his best and his dialogue accent is a treat to hear. The advice of Dr Karnad is a god sent advice for Kumara.

Shobaraj, Malavika Avinash, Ravishanker, Achyuth Kumar, Mico Nagaraj are fine in their roles. Sindhu Lokanath and Bhavana have the right kind of role. They have done their portions with ease.


Cameraman Sukumar has done a competitive work. The wide angle he captures, the top angle and dark locations shots are not that easy to capture.

V Harikrishna has given all the three songs with required zoom and zeal. Charmee singing and dancing for an item song peppy, Yaarivanu Yaarivanu….is timely and Kempadho Kempadho….is breezy.

Editing by Deepu S Kumar has no flaws. The connectively is perfect for the audience to follow.

Last but not the Least – Harmony in life is like ‘Milk and Honey’. Living together is surviving for long!


Cast - Puneeth Rajakumar, Yogesh, Bhavana, Dr Girish Karnad, Sadhu Kokila, Shobaraj, Charmi, Sindhu, Nagendra, Asharani, Varsha Krishna, Achuyuth Kumar, Lakshmi Hegde, Mico Nagaraj, Sureschandra, Rakesh Adiga, Ravishanker, Sandeep, Vijay Kaundinya, Danny Kuttappa, Akila, Nirosha, Baby Bhumi, Harish, Srinivas, Ranjitha, Deeraj Sorya, Lakshmipathi, Shooting Krishna, Radhakrishna, Tumkur Mohan.
Camera – Sukumar
Music Director – V Harkrishna
Story, Screenplay, Direction – Samuthira Khani
Producer – Smt Parvathamma Rajakumar   
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