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Kamsale Kaisale Review

Updated on : Nov 09, 2012




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Kamsale Kaisale Review

Kamsale Kaisale Review - Kamsale Kaisale Movie Review - Kamsale Kaisale Kananda Film Review - Kamsale Kaisale Review Rating


‘Kamsale Kaisale’ is all about the losing culture in the advent of modernization. The ancient aspirations are thrown in the wind. They are going out of gear. Do we require the roots to remain strong? This film questions in the clash of father and son.

In the genes of Madhava (Master Snehith) there is clarity of thought for music. He recognizes the sound with pride. That is what his grandfather part of in life. Madhava’s mind constantly remembers the sound and tries to identify it. Madhava is good in his studied but his most liking is the sound of a musical instrument ‘Kamsale’. In the school excursion Madhava is lost in the jungles. It is the sound of Kamsale in the hilly region of Male Mahadeshwara Hills brings him near to Madaiah. Madaiah agrees to the needs of Madhava and learns that his happiness is in Kamsale.

Back in Bangalore the school teacher of Madhava are taken to task and vigorous search is made for missing Madhava. In one of the television live program Madhav classmate recognizes in the small screen. When Madhav father Ranganatha (TS Nagabharana) arrives to pick him up the clash of two cultures balloons up. This leads to Madhaiah suffer heart attack. Later Ranganatha realizes his flaws.


The first and foremost thing the film attempts at capturing the ‘Kamsale’ art form that is prevalent strongly in Malai Mahadeshwara Hilly region deserves appreciation.

Known for many skillful films veteran in the field TS Nagabharana has made everything straight. He has made the audience to easily know what is in store in the coming reels.

The beauty of nature and respect given to Kamsale art form has been given prominence. The people living with Kamsale Art form and their life mixed with sincerity is brought out in a few scenes. The enjoyable factor of this film is the songs in the film.

Making the audience to understand that what the thought of the director is not the call of the day. More appealing and captivating scenes were required for this kind of cinema. When Madhava is lost in the jungle and not found for many days by his parents the war footing search is not made. The clash of city bred and folk based children are utilized to show vengeance in children mind. That is especially when Madhava joins the team of Madhaiah (Sridhar). Even this aspect of clash in children mind could have been given in a different format. This is very normal style of explaining things. The folk children going to extent of tarnishing the image of Madhava when the silver tumbler is placed in the bag was another foul mind of folk children. The children mind thinking in that standard is a bad repercussion to the existing age group of that region.

Instead of it director TS Nagabharana adding good deeds running in the mind of folk children who are in the Kamsale team of Madaiah was needed to show how grand the thoughts of such children.

At a few places director TSN holds mirror to the cultural strength of Kamsale. Even for cultivation the Kamsale art form is used is interesting to know.

In addition to it when Ranganatha arrives at the temple premises of Malai Mahadeshwara Hills throwing the uniform of ‘kamsale team’ and ‘Rudrakshi’ to the fire containing pond is a grave mistake of director TS Nagabharana. It hurts the sentiments of the people. There are various ways of registering protest by city bred father.

The pranks of children traveling to Malai Mahadeshwara Hills are a good lesson for the teachers. The classmate of Madhava on return mimic the voice of Madhava is a costly affair. The teachers taking attendance calling the students names should also check whether they really present or not.  It is teaching for teachers from this particular scene inside the bus.


Master Snehith deserves state award for his performance. He has adjusted to the role with lot of struggle especially after he is lost in the jungle. Chubby cheek Master Snehith after joining the camp of Kamsale is quite free in his performance.

Sridhar as Madaiah in kamsale team has given his grand performance. The dance exponent Sridhar stepping to the Kamsale dance form is at very ease. The Kamsale dance to clear the wild elephant from disturbance shows the ability of art form.

Shanthamma as grandmother of Master Snehith is convincing. TS Nagabharana role of father Ranganatha is very rude and such rudeness was not required. A few children in the camp of Madaiah have acted well.


This film is brilliant as the lush green atmosphere is found most part of the time on the silver screen. Ananth Urs after ‘Naanu Nanna Kanasu’ has given another splendid film in his camera.

K .Kalyan in his music using the folk strength has added to the strength of this film. The main song at the climax Aanu Male Jenu Male is very good in addition to children singing in rain Male Male…. Chandadiro Chandadiro….is well rendered in the film. Choreography of this film is another excellent contribution to the film.

Last but not the Least:
Don’t tease and tarnish minds of children!


Cast: Master Snehith, Master Vasuki Vaibhav, Master Chiranjeevi, Master Dhimanth, Master Anil, Master Vinay Kumar, Baby Amulya, Sridhar, Nagabharana, Naginibharana, Shanthamma, Girish Jetty, Lakshmi Bhagavathar, Jayaram, Sripathy Manjanbail, RTO Devaraj, Manjunath Belekere
Music: K Kalyan
Cinematography: Ananth urs
Producers: Manjunath and Nagini Bharana
Direction: TS Nagabharana
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