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Ball Pen Kannada Film Review

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Ball Pen Kannada Film Review


It is the tale of children adventure mixed with humanity, innocence, superstition, poverty, fate of farmers and entertainment values in it. ‘Ball Pen’ – inner meaning of it is ‘Balakara’ (children) pen’. A letter written to the government official is the main focus. How this letter (presumably written in Ball Pen) makes the children to go brave and save the life of a baby is the crux of the film.

Living in the orphan house of Mother Teresa - Keshva, Kempa and Bala are brave and have different mindset. The orphanage is run by a humble and good hearted Warden, Srinivasaiah. Keshva feels right to follow Mallesh who is delivery newspaper. Keshava only intend to read newspapers and acquire knowledge. Rita who is a new comer at the orphanage, motivates Keshva to do so after coming to know of his wish.

Keshava with the only interest of picking up reading joins the newspaper agent Nagaraj to deliver the daily newspapers. Kempa knowing this activity of Keshav joins him with Bala. They are working getting up early in the morning without the knowledge of Warden Srinivasaiah.

Keshava and Kempa are given task to delivering newspapers to government offices. In their daily routine dispatch of newspapers Keshava notices a grievance letter of a common man is left uncared at the floor of the minister office. Keshava accidentally reads the letter and knows about the problem. How Keshava and his friends solve this problem reaching a village in Northern Karnataka is the interesting tale that follows.


‘Ball Pen’ of course having an interesting tale that touches upon various facets. The interesting part is the innocent children minds working in right perspective.

Director Shashikanth for the story of Manjunath has made the film move slowly in the first half and on the adventure part of children going to northern Karnataka Koppal village to save the life of innocent child makes it touching.

While explaining the adventure director Shashikanth also says that it is the education that is very important. At the same time how the superstition is taking toll he yells. The case of villager killing his own child putting it to the bore well to meet two ends – sacrifice important to flourish in future life as told by a mantrik and that would enable him to get a compensation from the government – two diversities totally wrong is corrected by the children who travel from Bangalore to Koppal.

Living in the orphan house Keshava taking initiative in studies becomes the main important thing in this film. Had he just delivered newspapers and come out it is a routine aspect. Once sowing the knowledge in the children how important it becomes is the winning point of this film.

Wherever you are getting literacy is very important the ‘Ball Pen’ focus is first major point. Secondly the children of today knowing about things and going beyond the expectation are also not wrong thing as for as it is constructive in approach and path breaking in its attempt.

Saving the life an innocent child by the children is blood curdling. The poverty level of the villagers, lack of livelihood for some of the villagers is also sharply explained by director Shashikanth in this film.


Master Skanda .M. Prasad, Master Samarth, Master Shalom Raj, Arjun, Miss. Chethana, Miss. Bhoomika and Master Vishal have given a neat and tidy performance.

As warden of the Mother Teresa orphan house Suchindra Prasad is apt. Srinagara Kitty in the guest role is cool and composed.


Manikanth Khadri has given the right mood in the background for the film and the children song is thoroughly enjoyable along with the prayer song.

CJ Rajakumar in his camera with 5D technology and converting it to 35MM has lent good technical support. There is good work from editor crazy minds Sri, Raghav Dwarki and Shashikanth songs are admirable.

Last but not the Least: Give birth to children you are capable to give life.

NO SHORT FALLS – Score 3.5/6

Banner: Mahanadhi Creations,
Cast: Suchendra Prasad, Srinagara Kitty ( Special Appearance), Master Skanda .M. Prasad, Master Samarth, Master Shalom Raj, Arjun, Miss. Chethana, Miss. Bhoomika, Master Vishal. M, B.S.Mallapurmath, Mruthunjaya Hiremath, Sudha Gudgunti, Milind Sharma, Kiran.R.Nayak, Naveen Kumar.S.P, Jeevan.S.S, Uma Devi Hiremath, Manjula Kannan, S.R.Prasad, Vasanth.K, Devanahalli Devraj, Radhika Raghu and Harish.G.K
Music: Manikanth Khadri,
Camera: CJ Rajakumar,
Producers: Srinagara Kitty and Bhavana Belegere,
Direction: Shashikanth
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