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Mr 420 Movie Review

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Mr 420 Movie Review


The film Mr 420 focuses on big ‘No’ to nefarious activities when you want love and lively life. The agriculturist Krishna (Ganesh) after death of his grandmother comes to the place of maternal uncle Ranganna (Rangayana Raghu). He declines to join the activities of his uncle – robbing and stealing. Circumstances make him to accept this job by compulsion. Krishna and Ranganna are petty thieves and known as pick pocket are also wanted by the police.

In one of the hunt for big booty Krishna and Ranganna find a suitcase. When they open it is found the head of an underworld rowdy Seena (Swayamvara Chandru) is tucked inside. This is taken serious by police. Krishna and Ranganna go missing. The underworld is shaken with this finding of rowdy head. Krishna and Ranganna get a good welcome in opponent team. Further Seena underworld don is none other than Rukmini (Pranitha) lover of Krishna. The mistaken identity that Krishna and Ranganna have murdered don Seena carries till the end of the film.

Whether Krishna and Ranganna are set free? How Rukmini reacts when she finds Krishna is the murderer of her brother? Suspense elements of the film,


Right from the beginning of the film director Pradip Raj goes wrong in his thoughts and perceptions. When a youngster in a village is with enough of agricultural land selling it off to reach city is wrong. As an individual the living is possible in village. It gives a wrong impression. When such a situation comes the villagers should come to city the film vouch.

Secondly a villager believing in good agricultural crops is given a wrong standing in the society of a thief. This is an insult to the agriculturist. On these two aspects director Pradip Raj fails to give good presentation of an agriculturist.

Back in city when series of thefts happen and the entire family of Ranganna – his wife, son and Krishna living with him are seen doing lot of crimes the police behind these criminals is shown as buffoons. Now the director Pradip Raj makes another crime by showing police in negative shade.

How long this ‘Tamasha’ of crime going scot free continue in the film. It is throughout the film. With absolutely no control over the script and screenplay director Pradip Raj creates ruckus and commotion.

The first half is like watching ‘Rambo’ recently released Kannada film. The same relation is repeated here in this film. The happenings in the second half are very low in quality in ‘Mr 420’ compared to ‘Rambo’.

Golden star Ganesh had to feel sorry for this kind of subject. In the same theatre we had seen ‘Mungaru Male’ and today watched an obnoxious film.

What is that Ganesh and Rangayana Raghu have got to give for the audience from this kind of poorly made and poorly scripted film? At a comfortable position today the variety is what fans ask for. There is absolutely nothing. When Golden star Ganesh was shown as action hero in ‘Bombaat’ it was not liked. The same continues in this ‘Mr 420’.

What happened to senior producer Sandesh Nagaraj? Why is he lacking in judgment to give a complacent film. The screenplay runs helter-skelter. There is no pleasant feel at all in the film. Like in innumerable films in India heroine is brought only for the songs.


This is not a film for the image of Golden star Ganesh. Ganesh doing the job of a thief in the film belittle his image. If it is a thriller with some transformation it is OK. But this kind of film he has accepted by some compulsion it seems.

Rangayana Raghu has to come out from monotony and Sadhu Kokila has to give up foolish scenes in his films. Pranitha looks sweet but her role is not going to stay like the film from the people mind.

Giri in his camera has done a decent job. Lot of character in the final portions it becomes a market place. V Harikrishna fails to impress and melody is missing. The sound system for the first song of the film on vegetables does not reach to the ears properly.

This film needed a sharp editor. The chances of guessing elements are missed out by the director and editor of the film.

Last but not the Least – ‘Mr 420’ type of films are purposeless and meaningless.


Cast – Ganesh, Rangayana Raghu, Pranitha, Sadhu Kokila, Kuri Pratap, Pradeep Raj, Swayamvara Chandru and others.
Cinematography – R Giri
Music – V Harikrishna
Producer – Sandesh Nagaraj
Direction – Pradeep Raj  
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