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Rangayana Raghu Take up Plays

Updated on : Oct 15, 2012



Rangayana Raghu Take up Plays

The current winning horse in character roles is Rangayana Raghu. There is no doubt about it. He is like Hindi cinema Paresh Rawal in Kannada cinema with range.

Not only in roles but also in remuneration Rangayana Raghu is high demand. He is aware that some roles are getting repeated for Kannada audience. This monotony is a hardship for many actors and I am not new. It is only when popularity at back of you the monotony also happens says Rangayana Raghu. My hunt for giving something new never stops at the same roles given to me he replies for a comment.

After reaching popularity people watch artists continuously like how they watch Sri Ramayana or the Mahabharatha he says. In the last 11 years it has been interesting and engaging for me. I thought of going back to theatre eleven years ago he says.

Hailing from Pavagada taluk Rangayana Raghu grew up watching Telugu films of NTR. In Bangalore visit he started watching Dr Rajakumar films. In college days he switched to Ambarish films. When he entered Rangayana theatre group in Mysore in 1988 in the right hand of BV Karanth he was chiseled well and given Rs.800 as monthly salary.

Taking leave from Rangayana for one year in 1995 Raghu made debut in ‘Suggi’ of Hamsalekha direction that got shelved in the middle. Coming to cinema at the age of 30 and film stalled obviously perturbed Rangayana Raghu. After seven years of ‘Suggi’ it was in 2002 RR had a right choice from ‘Dhum’ of Sudeep starring cinema. I was inquired briskly all over. It was Ranga SSLC of Yogaraj Bhat, Sudeep again as hero gave a new turn remembers RR.

There was no turning back ever since ‘Dhuniya’ and RR has become inseparable from last six years in Kannada cinema industry. He got twenty offers from ‘Dhuniya’. He had offers from Telugu and Tamil but stayed back at home. The films like Modhala Sala, Olave Mandhara, Cyanide, Ithalakkadi took him to highest levels.

With climbing the ladder of success in cinema comfortably RR has not moved completely away from ‘Sanchari’ theatre group. His wife Mangala is very active. Vanity Bag, Urmila are the plays RR acted recently. Reading novels is a permanent habit of RR.

With popularity at the peak Rangayana Raghu says he does not feel he has conquered success. I have surpassed a few years. This passing through the years with the present status RR expects for some more years.
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