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Boochi Telugu Movie Review

Updated on : Oct 12, 2012




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Boochi Telugu Movie Review

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Ramgopalvarma’s  Boochi telugu movie is a sequel to the 2003 film Bhoot.It  is based on the dramatic and horrifying changes in the life of a family when they come to stay in a new house. the story begins with a family of Tarun (JD Chakravarthy), Namrata (manisha koirala), Taman and Nimmi (alayna sharma) shifting into a big bungalow along with their servant. They take the big bunglow because it comes at a cheap rent. Soon, they are also joined by Tarun’s sister (madhu shalini).

Everything looks fine until Nimmi(alayna Sharma) starts speaking about a friend called Shabbo.Few unusual incidents also happen during the night. Tarun’s sister gets a doubt and arranges camera’s across the house. When they check the clippings next day they have the shock of their life. What happens? Find complete story in theatres.


Ramgopalvarma has come up with a shocking storyline and while the presentation was good. The dialogues were normal, the script was average and the screenplay was a letdown. Background score was very good and there are no songs. Cinematography was rich. Costumes were good.


JD Chakravarthy has done a good job, Manisha Koirala was moderate and Madhu Shalini was looking good and emoted well. Alayana Sharma was cute and acted well. Dubbing aspect has been decent.


Sandeep Chowta's background score is the main highlight. Harshraj Shroff and Ravichandran's cinematography is good, but the 3D technology has not been utilised to the maximum. The editing work is also good.

Final Word: Go and Watch Movie. Who want something different may like it

Boochi Review Rating: 2.75 / 5

Banner: Eros International, Alumbra Entertainment
Cast: JD Chakravarthy, Manisha Koirala, Alayna Sharma, Madhu Shalini
Music: Sandeep Chowta
Cinematographers: Ravichandran, Harshraj Shroff
Producer: Jitendra Jain
Director: Ram Gopal Varma
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