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Ondu Kshanadalli Review

Updated on : Oct 06, 2012



Ondu Kshanadalli Review


Director Dinesh Baboo has caught hold of a miniscule story line in this ‘Ondhu Kshanadalli’. The storyline is as simple as the title of the film – a spur of the moment.

Returning from New Delhi after six years of education Shyam (Tarun Chandra) obliges to the demand of his mother (Sangeetha) for marriage with Shilpa (Sanjana). Because of health condition of his mother Shyam has agreed for this marriage. Now how to get rid of this marriage? Shilpa has the weakness in her life.  She is very possessive and she cannot even tolerate when mother of Shyam touch him.

Making use of this weakness to bail out of marriage Shyam hugs Divya (Bhama) in a temple and it is purposeful. As expected Shilpa sees this and she decides to get out of the life of Shyam. Shyam wanted this to happen.

Now the situation is different. Divya is the daughter of a village chieftain and her prestige is in stake. Her marriage also breaks from this Shyam hugging Divya.

Divya a college educated takes the case to herself and comes to the place of Shyam. Even Shyam was also looking for Divya because both wanted to prove that nothing is in between them.

When Divya takes Shyam to her village to explain everything to her father, the bus they are travelling meets with a major accident. What next is as everyone expected. Divya turns soft on Shyam.


Director Dinesh Baboo is decades old in his thoughts. Just because of embrace he has created embarrassing situation for the audience. Hugging is so common in social life. A college educated girl Divya says no one has touched her so far in life even after finishing her college life in the city.

Most of the Dinesh Baboo films are with wafer thin subjects not in tune with the age and stage. He just expands it and folds up the film in a small time and small budget. Senior producers like Jai Jagadish and Vijayalakshmi Singh should know the impact of such films.

Wishing good luck is hugging today. It has become so common when people meet of any gender. The director looks at the villagers rather rubbish. The village life in India today is advanced on various grounds.

The hullaballoo created for ‘Hug’ of Shyam and Divya is so stupid indeed. It turns out so senseless. The comedy that is always a package in Dinesh Baboo films is missing in this ‘Ondu Kshanadalli’.

A senior director and cinematographer at 100 plus films to his credit maintain the traditional grammar of cinema without any change. For example a song for Divya opening! What for she is singing. What is the purpose behind and the lyrics are unconnected. The dialogues after this between Divya and her mother in the field are also carelessness of the director.

A look at the accident spot looks so disgusting. In the entire bus no one has mobile phone is it? Just tying the wounded places makes the accident victims go sleepy. Next morning all of them crumble with pain.

Again in the climax he makes the Divya character not to marry anyone in life after so much of mistrust. When Shyam says he wants to marry her, she changes her mindset so easily. This is nothing but building the characters strongly and demolishing it in a fraction of second (the meaning of Ondu Kshanadalli).


Tarun Chandra is getting offers but he is not showing improvement. The second film of him releasing this week is good for nothing. Tarun should open up in his dialogue delivery first. Looking good is not that tolerable. Acting and dialogues should be supportive for good marks.

Bhama has done a cool and composed role. For Sanjana there should have been some attacking dialogues. She looks good and dances well. Jai Jagadish and Sangeetha are OK.

Sharan and MS Umesh in the comedy are taxing. Telling grandfather that he wants to see his end is crudity. Even for fun it is not right to say.


The eminent director Dinesh Baboo has not given work for editor in him. Dinesh Baboo has given many sharp films in the past. This one is dragging with no sharp editing. Time is money, time is precious – Dinesh Baboo knows it better.

Suresh in his camera is adequate. Giridhar Diwan in his music has done a good job. They are not going to be on top but melody is not missing from this youngster.

Last but not the least – This Baboo bash is baseless and meaningless!


Cast – Tarun Chandra, Bhama, Sanjana, Jai Jagadish, Sangeetha, Sharan, MS Umesh, Satyajith, Sadashiva Brahmavar and others.
Cinematography – Suresh
Music – Giridhar Diwan
Producers – Jai Jagadish and Vijayalakshmi Singh,
Direction – Dinesh Baboo  
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