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Rambo Movie Review

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Rambo Movie Review


Rambo’ is a film that surrounds around a trickster. That is Kitty (Sharan). He has a mother in the house. He has a maternal uncle to his company Premkumar (Tabla Naani).

In a way it is ‘Varahavatara’ from Kitty to his car broker business. He catches the sentiment in the society that any vehicle should not dash against a Pig or a Pig should not dash any vehicle. The superstitious belief is that it would smash the further life. No one is ready to take this danger in life.

Using the Pig, Kitty was very cool in his set up to take the cars to custody for his business. In one of the cases a black color car owned by Umesh is demanded by a Swamiji. The deal comes to Kitty and Premkumar. With this further danger also follows the two. When they open the dickey they find a dead body. This body is chased by a terrorist gang and the same car is also chased by former minister Annappa (Rangayana Raghu) as it has Rs.25 crores in it.

Knowing about the dead Kitty wants to hand it over to the party who demanded it and he finds a murdered person. In the later course of time they finds it belongs to a minister and the money inside make them greedy. In such a situation Kitty wants to know why terrorists are behind that body in his dickey. He scans the body and finds a pen drive tucked inside. That explains a terrorist gang is up to a major demolition of peace.

Kitty comes straight to DC Vijayalakshmi (Shruthi) and becomes a good citizen with handing over everything to the government.


In a comedy film lacing the good contents and spreading it across in two hours plus is the tough task this team has done successfully.

Very attractive thought of this film is Golden Star Ganesh commentary in the background with lord Ganesha idol shown whenever his voice appeared. The dialogues given to Ganesh are well written.

Of course there are unnecessary and unwanted situations that drag the film but overall effort is quite convincing.

Director Srinath for this film has done a studious work with Tarun Sudhir, Sharan, cameraman Krishna and others. That is evident because the surprises are unveiled at regular intervals.

The first half moves in a brisk pace and keeps audience to wait and watch. When the second half opens up there are some more surprises that makes the expectations go wrong. It is the screenplay that is the winner in this film.

In addition to it the mother sentiment, love and comedy never missing makes this film worth watching. The selection of cast in this film, the placement one good song pre and post interval is also well driven thought of this film team.

The 100th film of Sharan a joint venture with Atlanta Nagendra who made 100 days film ‘Joke Falls’ a few years ago has all the elements of a worthwhile film.

In the first half the ‘Test’ that Kitty makes when he goes for a match could have been updated instead of a physical test. That looks stupid. In the past a few of the Kannada films thought of this medical certificate of boy and girl before marriage definitely needed a new treatment for the year 2012. Thank god the physical test the protagonist makes is not shown on the screen to approve the girl.

The film ‘Rambo’ ending with a song in which all those who worked behind right from muhurut shot is a good respect to the film team.


Sharan is brilliant actor. There is no doubt about it. Knowing his limitations he has adjusted very well to give a very convincing performance. In the Navarasas of acting Sharan has left the ‘stunts’. That is once again a good decision. His dialogue delivery and quick reflexes are trump card of this film. In any given role so far in 100 films Sharan never disappointed.

Table Nani as his maternal Uncle in the film should have got more dialogues. However his performance has some standard and appeals to the B and C centers.

Madhuri after a few years of stay in Kannada cinema has got a right role. She has to cut down weight and increase in performance in the coming films.

Rangayana Raghu with Dakshin Kannada accent of Kannada and Sadhu Kokila as beggar on wheel gives laughter whenever they appear on screen. Kuri Pratap has been sidelined in this film. Umasri the national award winning actress is once again peerless in this kind of role.


The dialogues written are superb. That is always very important in a comedy flick like ‘Rambo’. Even in songs the words are very good. That is especially when a sorrow song comes up.

S Krishna the expert in cinematography has never fallen back in giving his best. The frames are colorful. The editing is in high standards. The music department from Arjun Janya is successful in giving two peppy tunes and one sorrow song.

There is grand production value. The film is no doubt a ‘Ladoo’ for masses from Ladoo Creations!

Last but not the Least – Cashing on sentiment cannot be peppermint. It can be only dejection!

GOOD ENTERTAINER – Score – 3.5/5

Cast – Sharan, Tabla Naani, Madhuri, Umasri, Kuri Pratap, Sanketh Kashi, Rangayana Raghu, Sadhu Kokila and others.
Cinematography – S Krishna
Music – Arjun Janya
Producers – Sharan, Atlanta Nagendra
Direction – MS Srinath   
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