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God Father Kannada Film Review - Upendra Movie

Updated on : Jul 27, 2012




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God Father Kannada Film Review - Upendra Movie


This is a remake of 2006 ‘Varalaaru’ Tamil film in which Ajith played triple role. Upendra has repeated it in Kannada version coming in 2012 July end.

It is father’s admiration to son on the one side and son’s sympathy to the mother. All the four characters are connected in which three are Upendra and one is Catherine.

God Father’ has no connection to Hollywood cinema. In this Shiva is the ‘God Father’. He gives utmost needs for his son. He is on a wheel chair. He is a top man in the city. The hiccup is to his son Vijay (Upendra) from Ajay (Upendra). One is growing with father a ‘God Father’ and the other one is growing with ‘Mad Mother’. For the situation of his mother Ajay wants to take revenge on his father. So he troubles Vijay in his marriage.

When the situation goes to the extent of killing ‘God Father’ that is ‘Shiva’ he gets up from the wheel chair to open his third eye. This Shiva flash back is the biggest draw of the film. One of the rarest characters Shiva behaves like a female character. He is an excellent dancer. In the village he is considered as impotent and eunuch. Sujatha looking the dance video of Shiva agrees for marriage and she comes straight to the marriage hall. The height of insult that Shiva faces makes him gutsy. He rapes Sujatha in her room. The result is the birth of twins – Vijay and Ajay.

In the climax Ajay is sick and he wants to kill his father Shiva and he barges to the marriage where he is revealed the truth. ‘God Father’ is gunned down at this place.


A tough film to make has come out superbly from debutant S Sriram. He is too good in his cinematography. There are minor corrections he should have made at some places.

For Upendra playing triple role and each one is filled with fire is a treat for his fans. The ‘Real Star’ he is called is proved in this film.

Director Sriram has brought down the original film by half an hour but still this looks lengthy. The surprise he reveals for the new audiences (who have not seen Varalaaru Tamil) this is an engaging film. The film opens with softness around, it boils up at the interval and it continues the heat and curiosity in the minds of audience till the end.

The gunning down of ‘God Father’ happens in the marriage hall – no one knows the reason behind. One has to imply that he is enemy of God Father.

The film ‘God Father’ giving importance to father, mother and sons is narrated in a tricky style with confusions in the minds of the characters.

In the makeup department there is mistake on the part of director of this film. Catherine as mother to Upendra is unacceptable. Catherine skin structure does not change even after the son is 25 years of age. The actress getting good makeup was very much needed.

Secondly the creation of confusion – taking the Vijay character to psychiatrist loses its relevance when seriously the film is looked at. At this point – before interval it appears ‘Arakshaka’ of the recent Upendra is bouncing back in ‘God Father’.


The glorious part is Upendra as ‘God Father’. On a wheel chair, dancing moments and action portion – he is excellent. It is a right selection for Upendra – he is a growing actor, thinking actor and absorbing actor and besides that the director in him always alert gives the best out of him in this kind of film.

The role of ‘God Father’ – Shiva – Upendra learning Bharathanatyam moments and changing his style completely deserves full compliments. The other two roles of Vijay and Ajay are routine for him. In style Upendra is scintillating.

Kannada cinema industry has got a bonus on this Varamahalakshmi Day – that is via Soundaraya Shreyasi – daughter of Dr Jayamala.

The role is short for Soundaraya but she has great screen presence. In the naughty moments, emotional situations and dancing moments she has given a complacent performance. She has a great future ahead. For Catherine there is more scope and not knowing the language is a hindrance for this good looking actress.

Among the supporting roles –
Ramesh Bhat is in highest standards. Satyajith, Shwetha, Sudha Belawadi also gives some good support.


When Ustaad of film music is around there is no short fall. That is true. AR Rahman three original tunes and two fresh ones are in top standards.

The song Sanchari Manasu…..Alapane…..are superb. The mother song Laali Laali Amma….the lyric of K Kalyan in this song is peerless. The background score meeting the moods of the characters is well conceived.

Director Sriram is also cameraman Sriram. It is 75 percent of marks for his direction while 85 percent of marks out of 100 for his cinematography.

The editing at places falls short. The scene one on place abruptly ends. That is not a major fault. The art direction – selection of outdoor locations and interior designing of the house done for the film is marvelous.

The dialogues of Upendra another winning point of this ‘God Father’.

Last but not the Least – God Father is Great and Grand ‘God Father’ for Kannada audience!


Cast – Upendra (triple role), Soundarya, Catherine, Shwetha, Ramesh Bhat, Sudha Belawadi, Kuri Pratap, Siddaraj Kalyankar and others.
Music – AR Rahman
Producer – K Manju
Direction and Cinematography – S Sriram     
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