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Kiladi Kitty Movie Review

Updated on : May 18, 2012




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Kiladi Kitty Movie Review


This is a popular story told in several languages. In Telugu it was Allari Naresh who starred in ‘Blade Babji’ in 2008 and now in 2012 May Srinagara Kitty plays the similar role.

It is about Krishna Manohar (Srinagar Kitty) and three of his friend’s effort to set the colony they reside free from hassles. Last twenty years the landlord is planning to evacuate the poor people. Krishna Manohar and his friends Dilip, Anand and Nivedhitha decide to somehow make Rs.5 crores and set the colony free.

With a big task to complete in six months they try all out measures and finally land up with the idea to loot a bank in Mangalore. They transport the money to Bengaluru but they are forced to hide the money in one place for some time. The same place turns out to be police control room when they return. It is hectic time for Krishna Manohar and his friends. They decide to kidnap a Sub Inspector prepare fake documents to get inside the police control room. Kiladi Kitty comes as Krishna Manohar new SI.

In the new mission they succeed and the target of Krishna Manohar Sub inspector is to search the location where Rs.5 crore is hidden. Krishna Manohar earns the good name in the department and also gets promotion. He hatches a plot of fake bomb in the Police Control room that make way for his friends to make a thorough search the place identified by Krishna Manohar.  It turns out be a bag full of sand. The friends are lost again. They trace that the building contractor is the right person to find. Their findings yield results but Rs.5 crore goes missing. Building contractor has kept Rs.5 crores in his coat and he is not in the habit of changing it. Once he goes for a bath and his wife sell the old coat that is stinking to a road side vessel seller. The coat goes missing and finally the money lands in the suitcase that is identical in the house of cops who work in Police control room.

When the truth is revealed and money is secured the team of Krishna Manohar come to the colony to give the money. The police also chase this gang and several complications lead to a happy ending as land owner happily gives away the land.


The subject is stale to the Kannada audience firstly. Secondly several films with this thread have come and gone in the last four years.

Interesting in this ‘Kiladi Kitty’ is the humanity aspect of various characters. At the climax the land lord giving away the locality to the poor people and looted money landing at safe hands happens. But what is the punishment for the youths indulged in bank robbery the director fails to include in the film. That sets a wrong trend.

There is liveliness in the main characters and dialogues are well written, the timing of the shots from the artists are also good. The missing of coat with crores of rupees keeps audience to check out where it will land. Such hide and seek are new to the audiences.

Robbing the bank with five crores of rupees is firstly not so easy. Secondly the hunt for robbers of Rs.5 crores does not happen in the film. The developments that follow relate to the characters, love affair and police doing some other investigations etc.

Why at one point of the film the serious effort to the looted amount is not made?  Using the situations and stitching it according to the whims and fancies of the director is not the correct one. Not making hunt by police is serious lapse.

The first half is lengthy and not much of developments come across. The second half leads to various implications and complications plus admissions.

At least half an hour of the film could have been reduced to make it crisp and not to bore the audiences. Director Ananthnaraju has got the good proceedings from the artists and handled a lengthy film but he is not crisp and sharp.

Is it possible to keep Rs.5 crores of rupees in a coat with Rs.1000 bundles? Those who touch it won’t get a sensation is not agreeable.

‘Kiladi Kitty’ is like giving an expiry date tablet to patients. A thorough rewriting of the script is required when it is remade. It has not happened from Sangam Films.


Kitty is quite impressive. He is not able to deliver the dialogue with openness. Haripriya is the most charming beauty to watch again and again on silver screen. In two songs she is so beautiful in looks. It is a wasted effort from Nivedhitha.

Rangayana Raghu in both the releases of this week has piquant situations to handle. He is effortless in both the films. Anand, Sharan and Dilip Raj are extremely good in their portions. Sathyajith, Mukyamantri Chandru are apt choice. So is Kuri Pratap.


Ravikumar Sana in his first commercial film has given good treat to the eyes. In the outdoor shoot he is so good.

The music director Jassie Gift likes more noise. He does not allow the lyrics to fall to the ears. The balancing is not done. What is the purpose of writing lyrics for the songs? What he has done in ‘Sanju Weds Geetha’ is not found here means there is no exercise of control on this music director.

Editing of the film is quick and makes the fast movement of the developments.

Last but not the Least – Morality and humanity is greater than money!

A MEDIOCRE FILM – Score – 2.5/5

Cast – Srinagara Kitty, Haripriya, Nivedhitha (Smitha) Mansi, Sharan, Dilip, Anand, Satyajith, Sangeetha, Mukyamantri Chandru, Rangayana Raghu, B Jayamma, Veena Sunder, Ramesh Pandit, Brahmavar, V Manohar and others.
Music – Jaassie Gift
Cinematography – Ravikumar Sana
Producer – Shivakumar
Direction – Anantharaju.     
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