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Bheema Theeradalli Kannada Movie Review

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Bheema Theeradalli Kannada Movie Review


It is the life sketch of one of the characters of ‘Bheema Thiradha Hantakaru’. The role of ‘Chandya’ is picked for this film ‘Bheema Thiradalli’ and how he struggles for the people education, food and good health is the central focus.

Chandya (Vijay) is a professional wrestler. He can take on any powerful person in front of him as the training given by Siddappa (Doddanna) in the village is so strong for him. When the village head Rudrappa (Srinivasamurthy) plays double game in connection with the panchayat elections the trauma breaks down. It results in many deaths as Rudrappa family members are notorious. For the death of Siddappa and his daughter Mallamma (Prajwal Bopaiah) it is Chandya take severe action on the police. Hell breaks out and Chandya had to go underground.

Knowing the power of Chandya it is affluent Shivakanth (Suchindra Prasad) gives shelter for him and the rival gang is up in arms now. Believing Shivakanth it is Chandya who supports him in the elections. As usual after becoming politician Shivakanth causes more worries for Chandya and his people.

The three point agenda of health, education and food for his people goes in vain. When Lokappa Desai and his son join Shivakanth Desai (the rivals join now) to evaporate the power of Chandya and his gang. The honest police officer Bharat is deputed from Hyderabad for this purpose works intelligently but he is moved by the good nature of Chandya. He does not take the orders of his superiors. It becomes obvious for Chandya to hear his wife statement. When he surrenders to police he is gunned down.


The whole film centers on the power and struggle of Chandya. It is true that he is innocent and he hails from one of the real life characters but there are many films with such similarities. The protagonist getting cheated by big power is not new in Indian screen.

The handling of situation is quite impressive. The dialogues of MS Ramesh have come to the help of director N Omprakash Rao but the violence is extreme.

The killings are like how chicken are slit in the neck. The gory of this film is too much and bloodshed could have been reduced for this ‘A’ film ‘Bheema Thiradalli’.

In a temple from a coconut killing is made and very harsh attacks disturb the ordinary brains. Such a hard hitting cinema often hits at the soft hearts when the proceedings of Chandya become treacherous. The mother sentiment of this film melts any stony heart.


In the action and emotional scenes Vijay has given his best but it has become routine for him. He has done similar roles in the past and that obviously is of less impact to the discerning film viewers.

As of now in the Kannada cinema industry without dupe doing such hard stunts Vijay is the best. In the mother sentiments he has proved that he is a good actor.

For a change Pranitha the glam doll of silver screen has acted. As a guide to illiterate Vijay in the film Pranitha has lived up to the expectations.

There is some deadly performance from Lokanath, Srinivasamurthy, Suchindra Prasad and Sharat Lohitashva. The deadliest of all is Umasri performance. To save her son from the hands of police she lights with kerosene is the extreme of mother love.

Karnataka state minister of Excise Renukacharya has acted in DCP role and it is not convincing performance from him.


This is brilliant in techniques. The light and darkness is well utilized. The shots of Anaji Nagaraj at places are in high degree. MS Ramesh dialogue is the major boon to this film. The editing is top class and background score is quite OK.

There are not much of songs in this film. Only two in the film are tolerable from Abhiman Roy - Manase Ondhusari Kelu….melodious.

Last but not the least – Some are good to read, this is one such of real life story of ‘Chandya’.

Action Feast In ‘Bheema Theeradalli’ – Score 3/5

Cast – Vijay, Pranitha, Umasri, Prajwal Bopaiah, Lokanath, Sharat Lohitashva, Doddanna, Gururaj Hoskote and others.
Cinematography – Anaji Nagaraj
Music – Abhiman Roy
Producer – Anaji Nagaraj
Direction – N Omprakash Rao   
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