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Shikari Kannada Movie Review

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Shikari Kannada Movie Review


Shikari’ has interesting tale told in the lengthy way. Software professional Abhijit (Mammooty) is Arun when he delves in to the pages of a novel written by Gopinath Shindhe. As Abijit evince interest in knowing more about the past history because the pages in the book are missing. He comes to Manjinadka the beautiful place rich in environment. Abijith comes to the place of Gopinath Shinde house that is almost on the verge of sale by his daughter Nanditha. Interesting here is that Abijith visualizes Nanditha as Aruna in the novel and he explains his intentions of knowing what happened further.

As the story peddles from past to present the emergence of British rule, the tiger suffocating the people life in the village, the mad man surprises Abijith. The twist in the tale comes when the last clue to the past is cremated. Nanditha at this point of time disclose that after she came to know that Aruna is herself in the eyes of Abijit it became obvious for her to create the further missing links to the story. The intention of Nanditha is to get Abijith as her life partner because she is alone in her life.


There is definite growth in director Abhay Simha in his second film. It is not just because he has got an actor like Mammooty but because his knowledge in giving a good screenplay to hold the audience attention. Definitely the curiosity builds up when the pages are missing. Till last no one will know it is Nanditha who created the situation for her purpose is interesting.

The film could have been better the length is cut short. It could have been made very breezy and quick. For the audience educating from past and present could have been told in suggestive manner instead of broadening the screenplay.

The admirable factor of this film is giving ‘Cool Feel’ for the audience. Holding the rich nature beauty that is supported well by cameraman Vikram Srivatsav the visual splendor is impressive in this film. The flashback style at sometime become routine and at the final stages of the film it is confusing.

The situation of pitiable woman Nanditha who is alone in the house, the British Empire still burning in the eyes of the director Abhay Simha, The Tiger issue, the profession of software bothering – all in the eye of the people of society have come out well.

Director Abhay Simha instead of telling from the lengthy scenes he could have cut short the length of his scenes. This would avoid the producer excess spending and made the film even crisper.

At places Abhay Simha very clever in his handling of screenplay gives him extra marks from the discerning film audience. The lighter moments in the film could have been increased.

For the Kannada audience the film is close to hearts compared to the Malayalam film audience. That is basically because of the contents in it and the locations handled here are found even in many part of Kerala. Especially the rain often being a part of the film is common in Kerala and Karnataka.


It is a good role to perform for Mammooty. At one particular shot we see the ‘Oru Vodakkan Veera Gatha’ Mammooty. The diction that has taken care by this mega star is appreciable. Hothla Hodkondu….two words come on two occasions in the film is wrong Mr Mammooty. It is ‘Othla’. The problem at other places of his diction is that he swallows the certain words as his pronunciation is fast.

In looks and appearance he is as agile as ever. Poonam Bajwa as heroine in this film is the best selection. She looks very homely and pleasant looks adds to the film.

Sharat Lohitashva stuns everyone. He comes up also suddenly on screen. Ninasam Ashwath and Achyuth Kumar are perfect.


Technically this film is brilliant. Cameraman Vikram Srivatsav gets more marks than the director Abhay Simha. The situations he captures and sound effects – especially flowing water and rain are very well stored to hear. The rich greenery of Karnataka interiors of Dakshin Kannada is very impressive.

V Harikrishna in this not a complete commercial film has given prominence to melody. Three songs are worth hearing again. Hey Gogogo Hebbuli Raaya….Ninthu Nodalenthu…and Kannadiya Nann Nodu….are well composed.

Editing of this film is average. That is because the editor could have used the discretion and convinced director of the film on the length.

Last But not the LeastShikari means hunter. A hunter in you for good is a welcome!

Could Have Been Better - Score – 3/5

Cast: Mammooty, Poonam Bajwa, Achyuthkumar, Sharat Lohitashva, Ninasam Ashwath, Sihikahi Chandru, Satish and others.
Music: V Harikrishna,
Cinematography: Vikram Srivatsava,
Producer: K Manju
Direction: Abhay Simha
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