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Narasimha Kannada Movie Review

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Narasimha Kannada Movie Review


After 11 years of Telugu film ‘Simha Raasi’ the Kannada version ‘Narasimha’ is appearing on silver screen. Rajasekhar has done in Telugu in V Samudram direction here in ‘Narasimha’ V Ravichandran had done in S Mohan screenplay, direction and dialogues.

It is about the ill fated child who does not get mother care because she is afflicted with Leprosy. Growing under the tutelage of father Narasimha comes up in great strength physically and financially. He sleeps on floor and he eats only Ragi floor food. In the village where he is living the politician elected should be obedient to the people. He has to sign the conditions and then only file nomination papers. Ugrappa (Ravishanker) is opponent to Narasimha principles and facing defeat once he keeps quiet to take revenge later on. When Narasimha finds that his father second wife daughter is living he brings her home. Ugrappa brother Krishna (Tilak) falls in love with Narasimha sister and marriage is fixed.

For the sake of villagers Narasimha is ready to sacrifice anything in life. As expected the revenge tale further blows up when Ugrappa comes with another proposal. On the other hand the prominent village residents advice Narasimha to marry Varsha who is immensely in love with Narasimha. Varshan falls to the pond when Narasimha reject. As usual in Indian cinema the end is expected.


The film ‘Narasimha’ is very relevant for one thing. The political point it makes. An elected member should completely work for people from where is get elected is still relevant. This is only matching point for the film that is coming after 11 years to Kannada from Telugu.

The TB inflicted issue is not properly handled in the present context. Even if the director argues it is 20 years ago he should have given a periodic feel and where he misses is making the character of Padmavasanthi jump to pond and end life. What happens to the water where the TB patient dies? How can the villagers consume this water?

The protagonist shown as very strict disciplinarian is a factor that always hold good. The first half of the film moves super fast but second half is usual quota delivered to finish the film.

In the days of having second and third connections the father in this film Srinivasamurthy writing a letter and ending life because he had second wife that his son is not aware is illogical.

When the eleven years old film is made now the aspects of village life needed some improvement. In an attempt to be loyal to original script director Mohan who claims screenplay in the title card could have added the advancement to village life and made the protagonist look modern. The beard, hairstyle and costume for V Ravichandran applied do not look perfect.

The comedy track in the film is separate and not join inside the script and they appear as if they want tickle the funny bones.


V Ravichandran looks strained. The close up shots is not properly concentrated. The beard and hairstyle not jell well.

Nikesha Patel
in the song Simgim illa…..looks very beautiful and later on different costumes. Srinivasamurthy, Srinivasa Prabhu, Jayanthi, Padma Vasanthi, Ravishanker are good in their characters.


Technically the film is good in the music department – Hamsalekha magic although did not work out with V Ravichandran – songs on politics, mother and one romantic numbers are tolerable.

Suresh Byrasandra cinematography is OK. The lighting in the flash back scenes is impressive and so is the re-recording for the film.

Last But not the Least – ‘Remakes need re-thinking’


Cast –
V Ravichandran, Nikesha Patel, Ravishanker, Jayanthi, Tilak, Srinivasamurthy, Padma Vasanthi, Srinivasa Prabhu, Chitra Shenoy, Sadhu Kokila, Pawan and others.
Music – Hamsalekha
Cinematography – Suresh Byrasandra
Producer – MN Kumar
Direction – S Mohan.       
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