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Alemari Kannada Movie Review

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Alemari Kannada Movie Review


This is the story of wanderer dreaming about his love. The film is told in the flash back technique of Paradeshi alias Mohan (Yogish) who is hit badly in life by the underworld. The swollen face the hunch back is the receipt of his opposition to underworld. Mohan is madly in love with Neeli (Radhika Pandit) daughter of a music teacher Sridhar Shastry (Ramesh Bhat) from an orthodox Brahmin family.

When Neeli proposes her love affair with her father he is shocked and says he would die on the day of her marriage. Neeli gives prominence to his father than accepting the love with Mohan. When Neeli father faces a heart attack and needs Rs.2 lakhs for the open heart surgery, the heart of Sridhar Shastry opens up and he agrees for the match of his daughter. It is at this point of time Neeli father realizes the height of love of Mohan to his daughter.

Now Neeli and Mohan are supposed to meet. The tragedy of underworld strikes. Mohan brother in law Chandra (Adhi Lokesh) master mind the attack on Mohan when Nimhans Soori (Rakesh Adiga) wants to take revenge. Nimhans Soori has helped Chandra in three major deals. Chandra has to accept the proposal of Soori in evaporating Mohan.

Mohan is hit badly and thrown on the highway. Neeli waiting at home finally accepts to the proposal of her father. Mohan in pitiable condition dreams of his love and lives forever. He is traced by Neeli again in life but she is not able to give life to him. Mohan mother also passes through her son but never recognizes.

All that does not end well in this ‘Alemari’ cinema! The mother and lover not meet their fond person. Life moves on like a wanderer – the actual meaning of ‘Alemari’.


In the very first film director Santhu in ‘Alemari’ has shown high degree of skill. He has stitched the scenes well, made the story look interesting, mixed with comedy, tragedy, music, love, revenge and other elements. The only point that Santhu need to correct is in the length. In the first half he has consumed too much of time to say a very few things. In the second half he takes time further more. The film ‘Alemari’ chopped half an hour could be a better cinema.

Look at the title of ‘Alemeri’ – dream chaser in the caption clearly mention that the wanderer not meet his dream. Director Santhu remained loyal to the title. The viewers feel depressed when his own mother does not recognize Mohan. A mother not able to trace that wanderer is her own son is not acceptable. She offers solace to the dejected stage of the wanderer but not identifying is not acceptable. Not even once she will not visualize the guy before her eyes to her son.

Director Santhu might have done a good make up for the face, walking style and hair style of Yogish. A mother is very sensitive character in this world is what he should know.

In the dialogue department the film is a winner as Manju Mandavya has carefully worded. He lives up to the expectations and the real stunner of this film is cameraman Manjunatha Nayak. In the opening of the film the camera placed to the moving lorry wheels shows the class in this cameraman Manjunath Nayak.

One of the songs might be in wrong placement and others are according to the expectations of discerning audience the music of Arjun Janya is the high point. Three songs are terrific, melodious and lives long.

What are the news areas the new directors has looked at? There may not be many but the skill of the director is good asset to the Kannada cinema industry.

In a pure love story the underworld nexus stops the family audience to come to the theatre is what the director should have judged on the papers.


This is the career best performance of Yogish. He really needs an award because of his portrayal in the change of his outlook. His mannerisms especially shaking the head, walking style is the growth of an actor in Yogi. He has his quota of action, dance and less hair on the head and slight beard he looks better.

It is a winning performance from Radhika Pandit. She is really the ‘Pandit’ in acting. Her looks, emoting capacity, liveliness would definitely give the strongest placement for this actress of high potentiality. Radhika Pandit from this film gives a stiff challenge to her competitors. After Ramya she is the best today in Kannada cinema.

Nayana as friend Shruthi is very cool and renders good support. Rakesh is difficult to digest as a underworld don. Adhi Lokesh has nothing special. Mico Nagaraj as don with delectable dialogues wins the hearts. Ramesh Bhat as father is superb again. Umasri is flawless in her role.


The cinematography, editing, art direction, music and stunts are top class in ‘Alemari’. The first half of the film is a real musical treat and second half the action scenes, rain effect and two more songs gives good standing to this film.

Manjunath Nayak shows his struggle from every shot he brings it on silver screen. Arjun Janya has given three best tunes out of five. Two are for the front benchers. Neeli Neeli….is the best song of this ‘Alemari’, Thundi Bidi Kachikondu….is peppy and Ale Aleyo Alemari….theme song of this film is haunting.

Last but not the Least – ‘Struggle and hard work’ should not be corrupted! That is ‘Alemari’!


Cast – Yogish, Radhika Pandit, Ramesh Bhat, Umasri, Mico Nagaraj, Raju Thalikote, Adhi Lokesh, Rakesh, Nayana and others
Music – Arjun Janya
Cinematography – Manjunath Nayak
Producer – BK Srinivas
Story, screenplay, lyrics, Direction – Santhu  
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