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Lucky Kannada Movie Review

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Lucky Kannada Movie Review


The film ‘Lucky’ has the familiar story of pleasing the lover. The protagonist claims himself as ‘Lucky’ (Yash) is madly in love with Gowri (Ramya). He is not aware that Gowri is pretending with him in reciprocating. After a lot of effort Lucky decide on the advice of his friend Anand alias 420 (Sharan) to join Advertisement Company to work in the creative department. The get up and dress sense is not permitted by the gate keeper and that makes Lucky to take advice of his friend 420 again.

Now get up and look, eyeball of Lucky is changed by a barber and eye specialist. With this new look now Lucky is called as ‘Vikram’ his original name in the school and college records. Vikram joins the Advertisement Company where Gowri is the Advertisement manager. He convinces that he is not ‘Lucky’ and forges ahead in his profession.

Now Vikram who is Lucky wants to express his love to Gowri. Gowri rejects this offer and says she is in love with ‘Lucky’ and most important for her is ‘Zuzu’ (a pug). How Vikram proves that he is Lucky is the rest of the film story in ‘Lucky’.


Dr Soori (not already familiar director Suri of Dhuniya and Jackie) has blindly agreed to this kind of story and never interpreted whether it would be liked by the people at large. The entire screenplay looks so simple and it does not hold interest to watch.

Lucky changes his outlook even the dog also not identify him as ‘Lucky’ is not acceptable. Dog is very sensitive and it finds out from the smell of a person.

Secondly such an intelligent Gowri never gives any test for Vikram to put him in awkward situation. Instead of it Vikram get rid of all proof in his house that indicates him as ‘Lucky’.

In the present generation the asking is different from the director and screenplay writer. Just cutting of hair and changing the zigzag beard wearing specks the appearance is changed from the point of view of heroine is not a good thought.

Easy way of film shown after six months in that time Vikram grows his beard and hair is the ordinary thought of the director. Instead of it one single situation had he caught hold off to prove that Vikram is Lucky it would have been enough. The sensitive angle that strikes the Gowri was available but somehow it did not strike the director and screenplay writer head.

Keeping the color for the film, a few good songs and splendid camera work is not enough today. The fans of Ramya and Yash may carry out the film for a few weeks. For the long stay of the film ‘Lucky’ there is not much of substance.

Ramya as Gowri shows affection to Dog Zuzu – a pug but there is no appreciable work from it. To attract the children the there is no special work carried out by the dog.

In addition to it the thought of writer Ghouse Peer that the fascination of a dog and Ramya could make a story is nothing but to please her.

Completely attached to the dog Zu Zu Gowri throws her job in ‘Love Channel’ and it is because of the ill health of the dog. The scene does not move to the place of dog. It goes to the road where a lengthy action scene is awaiting.

It is nothing but an ordinary brain and very ordinary screenplay in ‘Lucky’. Yash working under Ramya in this film reminds the Kannada cinema ‘Anthu Inthu Preethi Banthu’ that starred Ramya. In addition to it in this film ‘Lucky’ there is a dog.


Ramya bit fat at places looks very gorgeous in Saree. Her modern outfits at places reveal her thighs and costume is spectacular for Ramya in this film. In the song Hoovina Santhege…..Govinda song she is very grand in looks.

Yash looks very stylish in the first half and his vigor and speed in the second is missing. He has danced well and action is also convincing. Only good subjects and touching scenes are required for this youngster.

Sharan is at his best once again. Sadhu Kokila is as usual. No special marks for a pug dog.


Technically the film is on a higher side. The lovely scorings of Arjun Janya and cinematography S Krishna lifts the film.

The songs Mandadindha….would be a hit among Yash fans. Hoovina Santhege …is the best among all. The racy number is the Govinda….song.

S Krishna has once again showed his brilliance in camera work. Given any scene this cameraman has made it very bright to the eyes.

Last but not the Least – The GOD of cinema is Story – it is not DOG!

IT IS ‘UNLUCKY’  - Rating: 2.5/5

Cast: Ramya, Yash, Sharan, Tabla Nani, Sadhu Kokila, MS Umesh, Padma Kumuta, Biradar, Vijay Chendru and others.
Music: Arjun Janya
Cinematography: S Krishna
Producer: Radhika Kumaraswamy
Direction: Dr Soori
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