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Darshan Chingari Kannada Movie Review

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Darshan Chingari Kannada Movie Review


The film ‘Chingari’ is about how the CCB cop Parashuram (Darshan) saves his lover from the human trafficking. It is set in Switzerland to save his love where the danger is more and trace the hideouts is difficult. It is done in stylish way in this film.

CCB cop Parashuram does not disclose to his fiancé Geetha (Deepika Kamaiah) that he is a cop leads to all sorts of disturbances for him in life. Geetha very affectionate to her drug addict brother (she is not aware of this wrong route of her brother) Vishwa (Vishwa) is shocked to see him dead and she holds Parashuram responsible for it. Frustrated with it Geetha with Amrutha (Theju) her friend leave for Switzerland for guitar audition. At this foreign country both Geetha and Amrutha are kidnapped by a dangerous gang. The cop in Bengaluru knowing this fate of his lover reaches Switzerland. He meets Bhavana and keeps her as his secretary in tracing the hideout.

CCB cop in Switzerland faces lot of hurdles and how he successfully put down the nefarious gang to unite with Geetha is the climax of this film.


This is no doubt a stylishly made film because the majority of the developments are seen in Switzerland. Wherever the camera is kept it looks visually good in ‘Chingari’. The dream of director is costly but the net result is not all that great.

The Kannada audiences are ‘TAKEN’ (made in 2008 an action thriller set in France – the protagonist trace his kidnapped daughter) for granted as for as providing the good script is concerned. Look at what happened in ‘Jackie’ – the teenagers are transported from the village side for prostitution business after inflicting drugs. Like how power star Puneeth Rajakumar goes on war footing in tracing the wrong doers in a local backdrop, in the same way Darshan goes hunting for kidnappers in a far off Switzerland. There is not much of difference between the two films as for as subject is concerned. ‘Jackie’ had the rugged backdrop while ‘Chingari’ has the exotic Switzerland backdrop.

The point one cannot understand is that the ‘Human Trafficking’ is found world over. Where was the necessity for director Harsha to use the Switzerland backdrop and burn the coffers of the producers Mahadevu and Manu Gowda. Director Harsha is not aware that the children are transported from one place to other place in our country so that they are not traced. It is a begging racket. Children kidnapped in Bengaluru could be found in West Bengal. In the similar way there is demand for Indian women in the foreign land is OK. But minimizing the cost of a film the nearer location for director Harsha has not struck to his mind.

The food is eaten in ordinary plate or silver plate the result is filling hunger!

The film ‘Munnudi’ directed by P. Seshadri deals with the same subject. The coastal living good looking girls are either smuggled or married by Dubai moneywalla’s. That was dealt with lot of seriousness by the director Seshadri in his debut film that got him Aravindam Puraskar award.

This film is made for the masses – that is Darshan fans. ‘Chingari’ gives the same old subject of punishing the bad by the protagonist in the film. The only difference is that the stage is set in Switzerland.

Director Harsha as for as the subject enhancement from his previous films ‘Birugali and Geleya’ has not shown any shine. The film is tailor made for the fans of Darshan. There are pretty good dialogues on the mother land that get whistle from the fans.

The action scenes are also not extraordinary. The stunts from Raviverma not look in any way different from his previous films for Darshan. The same old ‘Dishum Dishum’ is maintained here in the Switzerland. When the director can bring a change in the action style for Bhavana at least Kung fu style would have been sufficient for Darshan standards.

For Guitar audition director sends the heroine with her friend to Switzerland. The latest Zamana is that the audition is done on online. The reasoning of this is not correct. In addition to this costly lapse there is hardly any guitar sound in the film.

Among the plus points the film ‘Chingari’ can boast of rich production values on screen. That is primarily because of the expertise of cameraman HC Venu.

The role of Bhavana as assistant is quite impressive. Bhavana skin show at Switzerland is something not expected. Her Bikini costume to show her beautifully chiseled body is a treat for the front benchers. With group dancers all white skinned one has to search for ‘Bhavana’ in that song number.


Darshan looks are too good in this film. The costumes, his style of dialogue delivery is underplayed in this film – that is because he is in a foreign land. To please the fans of Darshan there are routine dialogues on language, Karnataka and India.

In the Yogaraj Bhat written song Kai Kaiyya….Yamuda yamuda Thale Ketta Bhatta….Darshan looks grand. A new variety of stunt was needed for him in this film ‘Chingari’.

Deepika Kamaiah making debut deserved to be better. She is not that too good looking. Theju her friend character is more beautiful than Deepika. There are good dialogues for Theju.

Bhavana has moved to the new area of stripping from this film. She looks like a foreigner and her skin structure is also so good. There is a danger for this performer and two times Karnataka state award winner and Bharathanatyam exponent. The Kannada producers may offers stereotype of roles for her in the coming days.

Yashas Surya and Pradip are good. The scope for good performer Srujan Lokesh has not come in this film. Ramesh Bhat as father to the heroine is in his usual best.


The second maximum marks goes to cameraman HC Venu a veteran in the profession has captured the beauty with his watchful camera work. The dens, outdoors, interiors of a house and city backdrops are visual treat from HC Venu.

V Harikrishna falls short in giving good tunes in ‘Chingari’. There is one melody – Gamanava…sung by Shreya Goshal and Javed Ali and Kai Kiyaya…..sung by V Harikrishna for Yogaraj Bhat lyrics is a peppy number.

The editing of the film is quite OK. The film moves pretty fast in two hours and three minutes duration.

Last But not the Least – ‘Costly dreams is OK, what about good results’!


Cast – Darshan, Deepika Kamaiah, Srujan Lokesh, Theju, Yashas Surya, Bhavana, Ramesh Bhat, Aruna Balaraj and others.
Music – V Harikrishna
Cinematography – HC Venu
Producers – Mahadev and Manu Gowda
Story, Screenplay, Direction – Harsha  
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