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Ko Ko Koli Kothi Kannada Movie Review

Updated on : Jan 13, 2012




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Ko Ko Koli Kothi Kannada Movie Review


Ko Ko...Koli Kothi is a game of love told in stylish, sentiment, tricky and intelligent way. This engaging entertainer unfolds many suspense in the first half and second half is also loaded with lot of intriguing moments.

Kitty (Srinagara Kitty) an aspirant for the IPS position a student from government college wins the chess championship playing against Cauvery (Priyamani). The sister losing the chess is a loss of reputation for commissioner of police Srihariprasad (Srihari). He wants to take revenge on Kitty but miserably fails in the action block at a Mall. Kitty wants to say the commissioner he is not in love with the sister of commissioner but before that he faces another narrow escape. He comes to the house of commissioner Srihariprasad to explain his feelings but at this time Cauvery is running away from the house. Kitty follows Cavuery and he makes all attempt to save the life of Cauvery. Cauvery is in love with Anand and at Kukke Subramanya Kitty brings Cauvery it is big set back for Cauvery, She announces to marry Kitty.

Is that announcement of Cauvery succeed? It is time for some more action and tricks that keeps the audience glued to their seats. Kitty takes on the big power of commissioner of police and challenges to disturb him and succeed on three occasions. When Srihariprasad gets back the affection of his sister in the house he is completely moved with it.

Srihariprasad now decides to teach a lesson in the game of love. What it is? It is still an interesting turn in the movie you have to watch it in the theatre.


This kind of film is very difficult to make. It is not only typical but also novelty filled. Bharani Minerals producers Bhasker and Adhi deserve compliments for attempting a new wave cinema. Both hail from Andhra Pradesh and vouching for something different in script, narration and execution is commendable.

The story by Mr Bhasker is the real kick of this film. In the business of entertainment focusing on entertainment and taut screenplay is a must. This is what this film has done precisely.

Director Chandru knowing the needs of the masses has given an excellent package in ‘Ko Ko Koli Kothi’ that has lovely songs and absorbing cinematography. It is a feast to the eyes and performances he has taken from all the artists is another highpoint of this film.

The arrival of songs in between the flow of narration of the film does not trouble the mood of the film and peppy tunes of Ramana Gogula and singers lifts the film.

‘Ko Ko Koli Kothi’ a journey film with a Chinese formula is taming of the shrew based theory. With two animals – Hen and Monkey – the film draws various conclusions.

Firstly how the monkey could be tamed with a hen strikes the mind. Monkey is not a chicken friendly. It does not even harp for the skin of chicken. How could this happen is the question audience keeps in mind and enter the theatre.

As the story moves on there are various elements that changes the calculations of the audience and thus goes on winning the hearts.

The various factors that lead to movement on the silver screen in ‘Ko Ko Koli Kothi’ also leaves an opinion that a team is behind this film making that is good in scripting level.

The power the film generates from the beginning is fabulous. It gives a good guessing to the minds, Every calculation changes and the first surprise comes for audience at Kukke Subramanya. Soon it starts flowing easily and convincingly. The attempt of explaining later is another trick of this film. As the audience would feel why so and so is happening they get the reply immediately.

The film Ko Ko...Koli Kothi in the length is heavy. The two hours and thirty minutes of the film has good production values and characters, situations are well utilized.


Srinagara Kitty career best performance has come in this film. Compared his previous two hits ‘Hudugaru and Sanju Weds Geetha’ he has different responsibility and his looks, style, delivery of dialogues, dance and romantic moments are quite different in ‘Ko Ko Koli Kothi’.

An excellent performer on silver screen Priyamani does it again with lovely screen presence. She is not chicken hearted in this film and Harshika Poonacha bubbly role, Sanjana lively presence are major draws.

The Telugu actor Srihari coming to Kannada for the first time has done his best. The striker with tremendous looks Srihari is the right choice. On the dubbing front there is slight problem for Srihari, Anu Prabhakar as humble wife for anger filled husband has some relevance to women folks of this country. Harshika Poonacha portions could have been avoided in the film.

Rangayana Raghu as teacher and Sadhu Kokila playing cards delivery of dialogues is as expected. Sampathkumar, Suresh Mangalore, Honnavalli Krishna, Raju Thalikote, Mithra, Raghuram, Mohan Juneja, Biradar, Gym Ravi, Padmaja Rao, Vijayasarathi, Yethiraj, Swayamvara Chandru come at the right time give their best and stays in the mind too.


The lovely songs of Akasmika....Kanasondu....government college....Kolluve....are brilliantly scored and captured on the screen.

KS Chandrasekhar camera work is a visual treat. He has been consistent in his work in the previous films. The graphic work at some places gathers attention.

Editing of the film at various places is absorbing. The sound effects for the film are well served to the ear drums.

Last but not the Least – Don’t be chicken (Koli) hearted and not be with oscillate mind like Monkey (Kothi) brain!


Banner – Bharani Minerals
Cast – Srinagara Kitty, Priyamani, Srihari, Anu Prabhakar, Ravi Kaale, Harshika Poonacha, Rangayana Raghu, Sampathkumar, Suresh Mangalore, Honnavalli Krishna, Raju Thalikote, Mithra, Raghuram, Mohan Juneja, Biradar, Gym Ravi, Padmaja Rao,  Yethiraj, Swayamvara Chandru and others.
Producers – Bhasker and Adhi
Cinematography – KS Chandrasekhar
Screenplay and Direction – R Chandru
Music – Ramana Gogula
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