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Prarthane Movie Review

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Prarthane Movie Review


Hundreds of languages all around the country and thousands of languages around the world are at the extinction stage. Kannada language is also one among it. The language, land and concern are the hall marks of this film narrated in a neat way.

It has almost become a nexus between Kannada and English from kindergarten to professional courses. At this moment of time it is right time to save our language is the humble call of this film director basically a renowned journalist from Lankesh Patrike.

Kannada teacher Purushottam (Ananthnag) is heading the Kannada school that is in dilapidated condition. He has to survive so many obstacles including the nature onslaught. His will power is strong and with 40 students that also includes his son (Master Sachin) and favorite student Cheluvu (Master Manoj) he is running the school. It is problematic for Purushottam to cope up in the rainy season because his school building may create havoc.

Purushottama is baffled when his old friend Manohara (Ashok) comes up with a convent school in his locality providing up to date things for the students. Purushottam wife Shanthi (Pavitra Lokesh) is also drawn into this modernity and sends her son Sachin to convent school she joins the computer center to make money to the living. Purushottam is fed up when he is asked by his wife to bring the son from a convent school. Purushottama is making all attempts to save his school. They all go in vain. With lot of hopes he approaches Sahukar Thimmappa (Prakash Raj) because he has taught him Kannada and projected him as a good stage actor. Even that also goes in vain. Sahukar Thimmappa asks Purushottama to keep his name to the school then he will come forward for the construction.

At the final stages of ‘Prarthane’ Kannada cinema Purushottama loses his numbers in the class. He is forced to get admission of part time workers children.

Series of efforts dislodge the ambition of Purushottama when another rainy season crumbles the school building.


Director K Sadashiva Shenoy very well supported by writer JM Prahallad made a thought provoking subject. The case is no different for other language and government schools all over the country. Knowingly or unknowingly director Shenoy has made way for the sequel of this film. For the crushed school building of Purushottama the emergence of new building and new status for the Kannada schools that open the eyes of the governance of the state would be a fine proposition.

The first beauty of this well thought out film is the narration and selection of right artists. Bringing in Smt Sudha Murthy the Infosys founder as representative of Kannada language at the universal level the concern of the director to approach the Kannada speaking in nook and corner of the world is appreciable.

The second beauty is the selection of locations and showing the natural conditions of government schools. There are many such government school buildings in Karnataka in the holidays the animals come and live. With no proper black board, benches, cupboards etc. it is a crude reality the film ‘Prarthane’ depicts.

For a journalist turned director there was no need to make this film. He could have as well made a commercial cinema. But Sadashiva Shenoy has not done like that. He has represented every Kannadiga of Karnataka state and the fate of government school buildings should not be like this he says in a touching style. At the same time the culture swallowed by invasion of English he has touched here and there.

There was a fine need of Smt Sudha Murthy to represent the Kannada at the universe level is OK. Was there a need to bring in commercial hero Prakash Raj to this film? The purpose the director looks at entry of Prakash Raj character as a man of interest in theatre and mythological plays is clear. The protagonist of the film Ananthnag seeking the help for sturdy building from the Prakash Raj character and then he becoming opportunistic is nothing but holding mirror to the present day of social life.

The strength of this film ‘Prarthane’ flows from beginning to end. It attacks the system and attacks the loss of Kannada to English language. When language is lost the culture is automatically lost. To make a comparison the convent school depicts the condition in which we are living today.

With so many plus points to the kitty of director K Sadashiva Shenoy the film is also good on the humor and dialogue front. The pace of the film could have been a little stronger and the attempt is bold and narrated beautifully.

This is no doubt a complete family viewing film with one song from Veera Samartha. That is the ‘Prayer’ song.


Ananthnag and Prakash Raj are the screen stealers of this film. The cool and composed performance from Ananthnag makes us to believe – he is the right choice for the right role. Prakash Raj through his dialogues lit the screen on fire. The Ravan and Bheema mythological dialogues have come out well from Prakash Raj.

Next is Cheluva role Manoj and Sachin represent the Kannada and English languages in the competitions. Pavithra Lokesh is another fine choice for the wife role of Ananthnag. The dialogue delivery of Pavithra Lokesh in this film and timing is so good.

Smt Sudha Murthy founder of Infosys foundation in the climax giving a short lecture has come out naturally and her diction of Kannada is sweet to hear.


The last film of renowned cameraman S Ramachandra is superb in the outdoor locations. It is so sad that we lost the giant cameraman.

Veera Samarth background score and one song for the prayer is very apt.

Last but not the Least – Mother tongue is Mother and Culture is Father – both are important.


Cast – Ananthnag, Prakash Raj, Pavitra Lokesh, Master Manoj, Master Sachin, Ashok, Sudha Murthy, BC Patil, Dinesh Mangalore and others.
Cinematography – S Ramachandra
Music – Veera Samartha
Producers – GC Pushpa and N Harish
Direction – K.Sadashiva Shenoy. 
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