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Shyloo Kannada Movie Review

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Shyloo Kannada Movie Review


This is a remake of Tamil super hit film ‘Myna’. The trials and tribulations of pure and perfect lovers is narrated in the tragic end with hear touching elements throughout the film.

Shyloo (Bhama) and her mother get the care from Manja (Ganesh) for 12 years. Manja does every service for Shyloo and they are very pure at heart. Manja sacrifice is one of the best parts of the film. It is because of Manja, Shyloo get good education.

As Shyloo reaches puberty her mother look for a good match and she wants to discard Manja. When Manja disagree with this attitude of Shyloo mother on a complaint he is put behind the bars for one month.

One day to clear his term, Manja escape to meet Shyloo. It is the time of Shyloo engagement and bride are expected to the house of Shyloo. Manja escape from the prison is a big headache for Jailor Bhasker (Suchindra Prasad) and constable Ramaiah (Rangayana Raghu).

They go in search of Manja and when they reach the place Shyloo and Manja run away. After cops find Manja the jailor handcuff Manja with Ramaiah so that he does not escape. Shyloo looking at this hell decide to go behind Manja.

Now the biggest problem is the route for the police station. The foursome surpasses many hurdles on the way to the police station and from there to prison. The Jail Superintendent fixes a deadline for Bhasker and on the other hand both Bhasker and Ramaiah supposed to visit their houses for Deepavali. It is a first Deepavali for jailor Bhasker and his wife is furious at home.

After a lot of struggle all the four – Manja, Shyloo, Bhasker and Ramaich reach a bus to travel to the right destination. The bus they are traveling meets with a deadly accident. At this point of time the humanity is given high prominence. At the cliffhanger stage Manja saves both Ramaiah and Bhasker.

The whole scenario changes to humanity now. So far yelling at Manja, he is regarded high for his service. All is not good when Ramaih takes Manja to prison and Bhasker takes Shyloo to his house.

It is a hell at the end for the mistaken identity. Bhasker on knowing the tragedy of Manja and Shyloo for the fury of his wife goes on a killing rampage.


This is an excellent film because of various elements clubbing in one film. Firstly director S Narayan should be given the full credit for making right choices of artists, locations and technicians.

Of course the original story writer gets credit but the screenplay differs to some extent in this Kannada version and it is better in fact.

The exotic locations gives a feast to eyes, the story of the foursome in the film melts down any stony heart, lively moments in the film gives double the worth of your money. In the painful journey of foursome the audience would enjoy a lot for circumstantial complications.

More than Ganesh and Shyloo it is Rangayana Raghu role that gets attraction. The brilliant part of this film is the humble love – that is extremely pure. It is a tender love, it is affection to the hilt and for such a person the steps taken by the hero is very right the audience would feel.

As the story moves to the exteriors of jungle and hilly region the pleasant feel comes before the eyes and after the accident the rule of the universe that ‘Humanity’ is very important in life achieves a distinct spot. Suddenly the fury and disturbed minds taking toll makes you to collect tears in the eyes and removes your handkerchief.

Director S Narayan is specialist in Kannada in handling this type of subject. Although it is a remake in Kannada bringing out results is very important. S Narayan has won in every shot of the film.

Of course the screaming at the hut is extreme but again it is the height of anger of the protagonist. The context that appears makes everyone to go wild.

With no makeup in more than fifty percent of the film and shooting in the Munnar region of Kerala the film ‘Shyloo’ gets a major boost. The splendid long shots and climbing the places for the foursome in the film has helped in giving natural performances.

The costly mistake we do in life identifying wrong things and giving anger to work – the consequences of it is very well explained.

Suchindra Prasad going on killing rampage for saving his life by Manja and finally settling down in his own prison is the height of situation villainy.

For the director of Cheluvina Chittara S Narayan this type of film has become easy. S Narayan had given almost similar type of role for his son in ‘Dushta’.


Golden star Ganesh is excellent. Bhama is brilliant. Rangayana Raghu overshadows everyone. Suchindra Prasad best performance so far.

Ganesh has rightly understood the value of the film first and done a career best performance. Ganesh performances when he knows Shyloo is arranged for a match, when Shyloo leg is struck with a nail, when Shyloo reaches puberty and when Shyloo is dead before his eyes – the actor in Golden star Ganesh comes up.

Bhama has given her best in performance. Her showing of affection to Ganesh is very natural. In the dream song and title song she looks very pretty.

Anything said about this gigantic actor Rangayana Raghu is less. He is a master of his craft. The histrionics, dialogue delivery, caring his wife over telephone and inconvenient situations Rangayana Raghu has handled brilliantly. Had this ‘Shyloo’ not a remake he would have got award at the Karnataka state level.

Suchindra Prasad from stage like Rangayana Raghu looks reserved in his roles has spread his ability very well. The dialogue delivery is the best part of this actor.

Sureschandra in his natural performance lives up to the expectations. Changing his voice and remaining cruel in his role Sureschandra has set a benchmark for his acting potentiality.

The anger in the wife role of Suchindra Prasad has come out well. The mother of Shyloo roaring is in excess. The two child actors are also very apt in this film.


Cinematography by Jagadish Wali is superb. The placement of camera, capturing the wide hilly regions of Munnar and the shots particularly in the O Jeevave….the mist filled ones are real treat to the eyes. Jagadish Wali has romanced with his camera with natural locations.

There are to lilting tunes from Jassie Gift – Shyloo title song is haunting, O Jeevave is pretty good. Puneeth Rajakumar sung song featuring Pankaj Narayan inside the bus is not well placed.

Jolly Bastin stunt in the bus accident is chilling. The editing for this ‘Shyloo’ is top class.

This is worth watching. It shakes your hearts and those who are very sentimental – carry handkerchief without fail.

Last but not the Least – Hang your anger! Live in love and affection!


Cast: Ganesh, Bhama, Rangayana Raghu, Suchindra Prasad, Sureschandra, Yathiraj, Vittal,
Guest Role: Pankaj Narayan and others.
Cinematography: Jagadish Wali
Music: Jaassie Gift
Producer: K Manju
Screenplay, Dialogues, Direction: S Narayan.                     
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