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Only Vishnuvardhana Movie Review

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Only Vishnuvardhana Movie Review


‘Vishnuvardhana’ is the life journey of ordinary laundry owner Puttaiah son Vishnu (Sudeep). Vishnu wants to reach the heights in life and he is very clever and stylish in his work. He happens to pick the mobile phone of Adisesha (Sonu Sood) and usurp easily one crore of rupees in two deals. Losing the mobile phone Adisesha is struggling because he has many secrets in it – the most important is related to ACP (Muni). The operations of Adisesha are diverted to Vishnu and the ideas to trap Vishnu are failing one by one.

Vishnu in the meantime falls in love with Bharathi who comes to a hospital to meet her match for marriage. Bharathi (Bhavana) never meets the actual match is also bowled over with the tricks (fake) of Vishnu in the hospital.

It is not going good for Vishnu and his friend Nimbehannu (Arun Kumar) because they are caught by Meera (Priyamani) who fixes a deal to kill Adisesha in one day. This is blackmail on Vishnu because Meera knows all secrets of him. Vishnu agrees for it and on other side he is vigorously hunted.

At one point of time Laundry owner Puttaiaha son is asked to kill by Adisesha by a doctor who is missing Bharathi in his life. By this time Vishnu close to Adisesha to meet his end is given the task of killing Laundry Puttaiah son – both are one and same Adisesha is not aware.

In the house of Adisesha the shrewd Vishnu knows the secrets of Meera past. That is a flashback on the life of Meera and Adiseaha. The opportunistic Adisesha gives up Meera for the lust of ACP. That is primarily to remain as a don without encounter.

Meera is raped by ACP and that is recorded by Adisesha. He has the tool to control both of them to meet his power always intact. This secret is in the mobile that is in the hands of Vishnu.

Now it is time for Vishnu to put an end to the menace of Adisesha and ACP. That happens in the market place where the bullets of Adisesha and ACP exchange. Vishnu escapes for a happy ending.


Producer Dwarakish has set greater targets in his films in the past and this is in a lower order. Except cashing on Dr Vishnuvardhana image and satisfying the fans of Sudeep – nothing has happened in this film. The name of Vishnuvardhana icon of Kannada cinema has come as a big help for the producer.

For the presence of Sudeep, Bhavana, Priyamani, music director V Harikrishna this film is tolerable and as for as the story is concerned there is nothing big in it.

The maker of ‘Aptha Mithra’ Dwarakish banking on the ordinary brain of director P Kumar is unacceptable.

For this type of story and screenplay there was hullaballoo from Dwarakish with title of the film. He has promised to keep it as ‘Only Vishnuvardhana’ but in the title card it is only Vishnuvardhana.

In the technical side ‘Vishnuvardhana’ the cinema is at lowest standards. The cameraman, lighting in charge, editor have worked in a hurry it seems.

At Santosh theatre four disruptions before interval is major bottleneck for the flow of the film. When the flash back of Priyamani begins there is a blunder. The cameraman Raja Rathnam has not been able to adjust the height of Sudeep properly inside the frames. When the scene shift to hospital the film looks lost in technique.

Coming to trapping of the mobile phone of the don Adisesha the latest technology immediately traps where the mobile phone is laying. This does not come to the sense of director till the two deals are finished by protagonist. It is better this director P Kumar looks at the wonderfully made CID television serial.

A biggest don Adisesha falling flat even when the actual person to trace does not come before and conversing with him is another loophole

Look at the dog in the house of Adisesha that has gone to the era of silent era of cinema. It does not bark with the showing of a lemon.

Dwarakish is also director and very knowledgeable. He has not seen this film in a critical view point.

The popularity of Dr Vishnuvardhana has been used at several places in this film. The first fight reminds the ‘Aptha Mithra’ first fight. Sudeep is in the same get up and style. Very often Dr Vishnuvardhana name is used and a portrait of Dr Vishnuvardhana is in the Puttaiah Laundry colony in the film.

When Sudeep uses his brain like Munnabhai MBBS in the hospital that saves the pregnant woman child in the emotion filled time Dwarakish says remembering his long time Dr Vishnuvardhana.

This is a film for the masses and details analysis would draw more flaws in the film.


This is not a challenging role for Sudeep. He has done still challenging roles in the past. He looks superb on the screen and he does fulfill the needs of his fans. The naughty Sudeep is what likeable from this film. His dance and action is fabulous.

Bhavana and Priyamani strike in their roles not because of looks but because of performances. Bhavana looks very sweet in the hospital scenes and in the songs she has given her best. For Priyamani this is a different kind of role that normally top heroines decline to accept.

Arunkumar, Muni, Ninasam Ashwath, Dwarakish are quite good in their roles. Arunkumar in the company of Sudeep has given many funny moods for the film from his dialogues.


The king of music today in Kannada cinema V Harkrishna does not disappoint. The same cannot be told for cameraman Raja Rathnam.

V Harikrishna title track is brilliant and choreography looks and costume of Sudeep is mesmerizing to the fans. The club dance on money is for the front benchers. Maye Maaye….and another song where the villains also come in the dream song is well captured.

The editing and lighting in songs are good but not in the scenes.

For the time pass this is a tolerable entertainer.

Last but not the Least – Standards should increase like in the academic career not dip!


Cast: Sudeep, Bhavana, Priyamani, Sonu Sood, Muni, Arunkumar, Ravi Chetan, JK, Ninasam Ashwath, Sangeetha, Dwarakish and others.
Cinematography: Rajarathna
Music: V Harikrishna
Producer: Dwarakish
Direction: P Kumar.                                   
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