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Pagal Kannada Movie Review

Updated on : Dec 02, 2011



Pagal Kannada Movie Review


It is madness of ‘Love’ in ‘Pagal’ Kannada cinema. Thrown in the dustbin after birth Thotti (meaning of dustbin) later in the second half is named as Soorya by his fiancé Pooja. Soorya is the protagonist of this film ‘Pagal’. He is unique in personality. He is with a shaving blade in his hand. He celebrates his birthday in front of a dustbin and sometimes sleeps inside. His hobby is drinking by pick pocketing and has a good heart in his colony. Soorya lives with three friends in his company. All of them are jobless but eke out living from petty burglaries.

Uneducated and human Soorya is haunted by a song and he goes in search of the singer. That is none other than Pooja (Pooja Gandhi) fresh entry to the colony. From the day of meeting Pooja the affection turns madness. Pooja intends to become a singer. She gets the full support of Soorya. Pooja also shines as an actress. Reaching height from poverty Pooja’s mother dismiss Soorya. The mad love in Soorya makes him to use the blade on Pooja. He loses her in the ICU and he becomes mad. This is all because of Pooja mother who hatch a bloody plot to keep Soorya away from her daughter.


This is a passable film at places. That is mainly because it is difficult to sit through for the looks and wooden expression of PN Sathya who is also director, story, screenplay and dialogue writer of this film ‘Pagal’.

One would imagine how he used to direct Shivaraj Kumar, Darshan and Sudeep because he does not know acting. For what purpose he donned the role no one knows. He should not have taken up acting and given the same for some promising hero who is good in looks and knows acting.

PN Sathya is good in deriving scenes that is very low in standards. He aims for the B and C centers via ‘Pagal’. A few of the scenes in the second half has the mass appeal. It is not good in quality.

Our hero asks the bra size of his fiancé in front of her mother and gets a slap on his face. This is the first slap he has got and he goes on telling a few of the female inmates of his locality. He sends hundreds of bras later on through a hawker – the film title is ‘Pagal’. Director Sathya lives to the title of the film.

For the shake hand he receives from Pooja the protagonist puts a glove to his hand. When Pooja hugs him he puts a gown on him and when there is no top for the bathroom of his fiancé he puts up a shelter. The third one is OK but the other two does not continue throughout the film. Is it not temporary madness?

The concept of all discarded child grows only like this is a bad move of the director. Doing wrong job and not caught by the police is the efficiency of persons like Soorya in the film.

PN Sathya known for side roles in his own films in the past could be tolerable to that extent but not as a full fledge hero. Projecting as a full time boozer, blade specialist, buckets of non vegetarian eater, feared in his colony are the limitations in thought of this director.

There are some more objectionable portions like the usage of words condoms, Pooja Gandhi going to liquor shop and asking for a cold beer later giving it to an old person – how come the regional censor board agreed for such scenes.

When ‘Lifu Ishtene’ film was first censored the word ‘Condom’ was asked to remove. In ‘Pagal’ how can it surpass the eyes and ears of the Regional Censor board?


P.N.Sathya as an actor it is difficult to get along. Throughout the film he gives one expression – opening his mouth, bearded and looking rugged. When he comes as ‘Eunuch’ he looks a perfect one.

Pooja Gandhi performance is better and her role is also better than earlier films. Again the dubbing artist has given life to Pooja Gandhi role. In the modern costumes Pooja Gandhi looks beautiful.

Thulasi Shivamani in a short role has done well. Harish Rai is OK. Indrajith Lankesh in a short role is lively.


V Manohar lilting tunes is saving grace of this film. The yesteryears song Ille Swarga Ille Naraka….meaning should be taken seriously by those who go behind wants.

The title track Paga Pagal….is melodious and so is the background song Yee Bhumi Hakkiyagi Hadidhe…..

Speed Babu camera work has given the dark moments and captures the slums in a natural style. The background score done for this film by Gautham Srivatsav is also above average.

Last but not the Least – The madness should be there in churning out a good cinema!


Cast: PN Sathya, Pooja Gandhi, Thulasi Sivamani, Bullet Prakash, Indrajith Lankesh, Harish Rai, Mico Nagaraj, Biradar and others.
Music: V Manohar
Cinematography: Speeb Babu
Producer: Muralidhar
Story, Screenplay, Dialogue, Direction: PN Sathya.                 
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