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Parijatha - Sweet songs! Kudos to Mano Murthy

Updated on : Dec 01, 2011



Parijatha - Sweet songs! Kudos to Mano Murthy

P3 has won at the hands of M2! What is this? Yes. Paramesh, Prem and Prabhu Srinivas won the first battle for ‘Parijatha’ at the hands of ‘Mano Murthy’ of Mungaru Male fame!

The Melody Maker Mano Murthy has catered to the present generation in his beats and the song especially Hogolo Nodthini Nan Magane… for the masses even in the interiors of rural parts.
The first song is a title track....sung by Sonu nigam and Shreya Ghoshal...O Parjatha Badhu Bidu Teradidha Tolali cloud nine situation approach song... the words of Savira Janmaku Nan Jothe Baduki bidi indicates the immense attachment of lovers.
The second song is Hogolo by vijsyaprakash and a freeloader song...all lazy bones take up this song...words like bewarsi life..could have been chosen alternative......for the irresponsibility in life it is slapping indirectly.
Nee Mohisu....nee premisu...mellage olaisutha...ellava melodious best by Shreya again well written rhythmic words from Jayanth Kaikini. The urge the female lover makes to her boy in this song.
Aih Chandrika Akarsjlhaka Neenu…by Kunal Ganjawala is an appreciation of beauty song…the voice of Gaunjawal is here what gives the kicking effect. The poetic lines of Kaviraj is sure to create a rage.
Hudugi Elaali Ninna Huduki,...sakaithu hrudayane hogirovaga hareya Halithu….Hachikondu Naanu Ninna.....sung by Rajesh Krishnan is melodious love penned by Jayanth Kaikini....the casual way of singing is good....This song is also like an address to the recently married wife of the singer Rajesh Krishnan to Ramya Vasishta.
Nee Mohisu Thannage Mathadutha Summane Odadutha.. Nee Premisu Mellane Olaisutha….repeated in the album has some words tucked between the lines sung by Shreya Goshal.                   

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