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Bodyguard Kannada Movie Review

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Bodyguard Kannada Movie Review


This is a remake of Malayalam original ‘Bodyguard’. It was released in January 2010 in Kerala state. The Kannada version is appearing after Salman Khan ‘Bodyguard’ in Hindi.

Bodyguard’ is all about the protagonist Jayakrishna (Jaggesh) belief that the injustice could be sorted out only by power in hand. Jayakrishna comes to Agrahara at a time when the attack is made on Ashokanna (Gurudut) the biggest don. Fearlessly Jayakrishna fights against the enemies and saves the life of Ammu (Daisy Shah) and her mother. That lands him as a trusted personality and the job becomes easy for Jayakrishna. He gets the ‘Bodyguard’ post of the don. Soon he is asked to join the college with Ammu daughter of don. Ammu has to complete final year in the college and she is protected by Jayakrishna. Jayakrishna also studies his balance of final year with Ammu as his classmate.

The immense attachment Ammu shows later on develops in to love. Ammu has a private number and the prank she commits later become very serious for her in life. The telephone call Ammu makes to Jayakrishna complicates and it goes to the extent of proposal. Jayakrishna is innocent in this case. To save the life of Jayakrishna it is Ammu who sends her friend Poorna (Spoorthi).

Jayakrishna mistook Poorna as his caller all these days. Poorna also uses the opportunity deceiving her friend Ammu. After eight years Jayakrishna comes to see Ashokanna with his son Siddarth. Ashokanna urged Jayakrishna to give life to Ammu who is still unmarried.

It is a diary in the custody of his son Siddarth that Jayakrishna reads and knows what went wrong in his life and accepts Ammu.


This film is very emotional in the last 20 minutes especially when Ammu sends her friend to reach the railway station and pretend as Jayakrishna telephonic girl friend.

The film as for as the image of Jaggesh is concerned, it is a graduation in role for him but this is not what his fans want. Jaggesh means comedy good dialogues and his histrionics are the best part of his career so far in 130 films. Jaggesh collecting tears is difficult to watch.

The telephone call between Ammu and Jayakrishna episode is similar to what we have seen in ‘Beladingala Baale’ Kannada cinema of director Sunilkumar Desai. In that film the stranger (female) is not revealed even in the end and Ananthnag character on the last chance of seeing decides not to see his heart throb. The audience are also not shown the face.

Here in this film ‘Bodyguard’ the call from private number comes to Jaggesh but the voice he is not able to identify after so many telephonic chats. That is of course the innocence of the character.

Jaggesh coming to college at this age is not convincing. Jaggesh physique comes in the way. Had he further trimmed his extra muscles on face it could have been appreciable. The close ups are not so pleasant.

The importance given to the diary is debatable. How come the diary comes to the eight year son Siddarth and not noticed by the father. There is a statement that only son has to see this diary. At a very young age this aspect is not acceptable.

In the modern days the waiting of the female protagonist for eight years is something unusual. These are the days of exchange of wives and living together zamana. Educated Ammu living alone for eight years without any change in her looks – so is the case with Ashokanna is the glaring mistake of this film.

There is a change in the make up for Jaggesh but not for others. Is it because he is hero of the film? Jaggesh home banner made a film called ‘Make Up’ in Singeetham Srinivasa Rao direction. They have forgotten make up for artists here is something not expected.


There is no doubt that Jaggesh is a good performer in the emotional scenes. The face looks swollen in the close up. In some of the shots no care is taken for the makeup of the face of Jaggesh. The emotional journey is not that feasible for Jaggesh and it does not serve the purpose of box office for this actor.

Dasi Shah is very fat on the screen. She is in excess of her physique. She looks taller than Jaggesh. In some of the costumes it leaves a feeling that whether she is the heroine of this film. Spoorthi has nothing much. Gurudut as villain Ashokanna looks jaded.

Sadhu Kokila comedy track with Jaggesh is worth enjoyable.


It is a win for Vinayachandra. He has given three lovely melodies in which Khailash Kher song is going to stay among the front benchers for long. Julu Julu….and Ellindhe Bandhe Rajakumari are impressive. Vinaychandra has a great future ahead if he maintains the same tempo in his forthcoming assignments.

Cameraman Ashok V Raman who showed expertise in ‘Eddelu Manjunatha’ has given his best from the technical strength given to him.

Rajendra Karanth dialogues at places are funny. Editing is good and action compositions are well done.

Last but not the Least – Love is lost not life is lost!

NOT GUARDED WELL!  Score – 2.5/5

Banner: Gururaja Films
Cast: Jaggesh, Daisy Shah, Spoorthi, Gurudut, Sadhu Kokila, Bank Janardhan, Jeevan, Vinaychandra and others.
Music: Vinaychandra
Cinematography: Ashok V RamanProducers: Smt Parimala Jaggesh and Jaggesh
Direction: TA Anand. 
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