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Nuvvila Review – Ravi Babu Movie

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Nuvvila Review – Ravi Babu Movie

Nuvvila Review – Nuvvila Movie Review, Rating, Nuvvila Telugu Movie: Ravi Babu is known for making youthful films targeted at urban youth and multiplex audience. He has mastered the art of making such films at will. His previous thriller Amaravathi was a disappointment due to lack of entertainment. He is back to his forte in Nuvvila, which is a romantic comedy with a bit of ‘A rated stuff’. Read on Nuvvila review…

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This is the film about three friends and their different love stories.

1st one: Anand (Ajay) is a brilliant student but is confused about decision making. He takes one year off from his studies to decide about his next step. He falls in love with Archana (Yami), who is a neighbor of his. She is a great admirer of cricketer Vishnu and when Anand decides to express his love to Archana, he comes to know that she is in love with Vishnu.

2nd one: Raju (Prasad) is a violinist and comes to Hyderabad to pursue his career in film industry. He accidentally bumps into Rani (Ramya) whom he hates to the core. He feels that she brings bad luck to him. In one unavoidable situation they get married.

3rd one: Mahesh (Havish) dreams to become a famous male model. He breaks up with Madhavi (Sarayu) and she tries to teach him a lesson by pitching a gay Shailu (Haleem) against him. Mahesh’s life turns into a terrible mishap after that.

How all these stories end up is what this film is about.


Ravibabu is clear about the target audience for this film and he never tried to get away from that. He introduced the characters in a simple yet funny way and started to unfold their crazy/stupid love stories in an entertaining manner. Apart from stupidity there is also some sincerity in this comedy film and that angle is dealt well in the form of Ajay-Archana love story.

Despite being thoroughly entertaining the film does irritate a bit due to repetitive scenes and an overdose of adult (read gay) comedy. However, there are some truly hilarious scenes which will make you laugh like hell. First half is breezy and second half lags a bit in the middle. Climax is over the top but funny.

Nuvvila is a youthful film which will appeal to the target audience and enjoyed by the people who love to watch mindless comedies.


Ravibabu’s biggest success in this film is getting the star cast right. Barring Radha Kumari and a couple of known faces, all others are newcomers and they did well to make the characters believable.

Prasad is a riot. He spells ‘sa’ as ‘la’ and all those scenes highlighting that weakness are good. Ramya complimented him well with a decent performance.

Havish is natural. His expressions and comedy timing are too good. Ajay is good but could’ve done better. His outburst in the climax scene didn’t come out as expected. On a whole he isn’t that bad.

Yami is beautiful and really angelic like the director portrayed her in the introduction scene. She is a very good actress too. Ravibabu is perfect. Rest of the cast did their best to keep up the spirit of the movie.


Although Nuvvila was made on a shoestring budget, there isn’t any lack of quality. Cinematographer, art department did a very good job. Editing is neat. Music is fine. Songs are interlaced in the narrative and are good on ears too. Shekar Chandra’s background score is also good.

Ravibabu came up with another decent youthful comedy and proves that he is the best in business to pull off a film with completely unknown faces. His sense of humor is the USP of this film. Saying so, he should have toned down the A rated comedy a bit to make it appealing to all the classes.

Final Word: Nuvvila: Watch it!

Nuvvila Movie Rating: 3/5

Banner: Usha Kiron Movies
Cast: Ajay, Havish, Prasad, Yaami, Sarayu and Ramya
Music: Sekhar Chandra
Producer: Ramoji Rao
Director: Ravi Babu
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