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7th (Seventh) Sense Movie Review

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7th (Seventh) Sense Movie Review

7th Sense Review – Seventh Sense Movie Review, Rating, 7Aum Arivu Tamil Movie: Suriya and Murugadoss, the duo who rocked with a superb action entertainer Ghajini, is back with 7th Sense film. With Ghajini to their credit, this film has been riding on high expectations not only in Tamil but also in Telugu. Let’s see if they have delivered the goods and reached the humongous expectations or not. Here is 7th Sense Review…

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Bodhi Dharma (Suriya) is an ancient Indian warrior who is an expert in martial arts and also a very good doctor who could treat any type of disease. He goes to China and saves a village from various problems. He builds Shaolin temple and trains up several Chinese people and also dies there.

After hundreds of years, China plans a bio war on India. They send a Chinese martial expert, Dong Lee (Johnny Tri Nguyen) who is also good at hypnotizing people when they are in his field of sight. He injects the virus into a street dog and goes in search to eliminate a young scientist Subha Srinivas (Shruti Haasan), who has researched that Bodhi Dharma can be brought back if his sample of DNA matches with another sample of DNA from the successor of his family.

Subha comes to know that Aravind (Suriya), a circus man’s DNA matches to that of Bodhi Dharma and follows him. Meanwhile Operation Red will be successfully started by Dong Lee. Now Subha and Aravind have to bring Bodhi Dharma back to control the almost uncontrollable Dong Lee. How they do that is the rest of the story.


Murugadoss’s concept is good and has some variety from run of the mill stuff. He did some research and that can be seen in the film. But he should have gone into further details other than what is available on the internet. First fifteen minutes of the film is interesting and shows promise.

Then the plot is explained and that scene on Chinese people is tad silly. However, Suriya and Shruti Haasan’s chemistry lights up the screen. The director should have taken care about the romantic thread as it turns boring and aimless after a couple of scenes. Screenplay unfolds in a predictable way and lacks the ‘wow’ factor. Subjects like these need to be deftly handled and should hold some surprises. Muragadoss’s flat screenplay marred the chances of this film to be a decent thriller.

Second half has some interesting scenes here and there but they aren’t that strong to leave an impression on the viewers. The process of bringing back Bodhi Dharma and dealing with an ultra powerful villain is simplified too much that Seventh Sense ends up as a sheer disappointing film.

The concept of villain taking control of people in his field of sight is copied from a Korean film ‘HAUNTERS’. Although it is an interesting element it is not properly utilized by the director. On a whole, Seventh Sense doesn’t live up to the expectations and falls miles short of them.


Suriya is a very good actor and he did his part very well. In fact he is the only saving grace for this film. Shruti Haasan is beautiful and also could act a bit. Jhonny’s screen presence is good and carried off his character with ease. His martial arts skills are not properly used. Rest of the star cast did an Okay job. The young scientists batch and their Civil Engineer friend failed to give the right expressions and few serious scenes involving them ended up as comedy due to their amateur acting.


The film is not that great on the technical front too. Cinematography by Ravi K Chandran is just about Okay. Editing is not up to the mark. Music by Harris Jairaj is pretty bad. None of the songs are good and the background score would rank among Harris’s worst performances ever. Graphics are tacky. There is a lengthy graphics scene involving various vehicles and even school kids could tell that it is not real. That scene should have been at least average given the names involved in this film.

Murugadoss’s choice of script is good but he failed in the execution part. He just made a film with one vague idea and the shallowness can be felt throughout the film. This is not expected from a director of his standards.

Final Word: 7th Sense fails to deliver!

7th Sense Movie Rating: 2/5

Banner: Lakshmi Ganapathi Films
Cast: Shruti Hassan, Surya, Abinaya
Music: Harris jayaraj
Producer: Udhayanidhi Stalin
Direction: A.R. Murugadoss
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