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Kalla Malla Sulla Kannada Movie Review

Updated on : Sep 16, 2011



Kalla Malla Sulla Kannada Movie Review


A newspaper editor Ramesh is suffering at the hands of his beautiful wife Ramya (Yajna Shetty), who is always suspicious of his every move. Once out of house however Ramesh forgets his troubles and is focused on nailing the womanizing activities of a minister (Raju Tahlikote), with the help of his senior photographer Raghu (VijayRaghavendra).
When the duo rush to the airport in the hope of catching the minister red-handed, they stumble upon Ravi (Ravichandran), who is boldly kissing a young foreign girl in full public view.Ramesh clicks this photo to show it to Pooja (Malavika), Ravi's wife.
Ravi, naturally avoids it by talking sweetly t his wife but decides to 'change' his friend and also teach him a lesson. Meanwhile, Raghu goes to suicide point to get a story, but is mistaken to be attempting suicide by psychology student and judge daughter Sanjana (Rushika). At Ramesh's home, yet another suspicion by Ramya reaches breaking point and Ramesh is frustrated. Seizing his chance, Ravi takes him to a club where they meet Khushbu (Ragini), who easily bowls over Ramesh. But Ramesh also cant let go of his love and loyalty towards Ramya and leaves the club. Ravi then offers two lakhs to Khushbu to seduce ramesh.
Raghu shifts to boss Ramesh's guest house as he is hounded by Sanjana and her friends. Ramesh has asked ravi to tell khushbu to come to his guesthouse. On the morning however, ramya apologises and ramesh is in a fix. Khushbu arrives and both are caught by Ramya in the guesthouse. To save the situation ramesh claims khusbu is raghu's wife.One lie leads to several before all the three wives find out the true colours of their husbands. Will they walk out on them or forgive to make new beginning is all the story about.

KMS is mainly good comedy. Some scenes and words get U/A certificate but it has been shot well. No vlgarity. A film with a message that trust matters more than suspicion and both husband and wife must work towards their marriage. Each partner is equal and there shouldn’t be misunderstandings as they ruin relationships. There is very little sentiment. Humor is very well handled. KMS is for families and those who have recently married- teaches a lesson.
Director Udayaprakash has remained loyal to the original film No Entry in Hindi that was lifted from Tamil film Chalie Chaplin.
It is rather easy for the director because except Ragini, Yajna Shetty, Rushika Singh all are seniors to him.
For those who glamour and funny situations this a time pass cinema. Producer K Manju has provided good production values to the film. The outdoor locations are pretty good.
The roles for V Ravichandran, Ramesh Aravind and Vijaya Raghavendra suits well.

Ragini steals the show, as the bold and sensuous khushbu. Ramesh Arvind as the hapless husband is simply brilliant--all emotions flit across his face-- very real life like. Vijay as the sidekick is good with comic timing. Ravichandran plays up to his image, the song showcasing his famous onscreen romances with several heroines used wuith good effect. Yajna is good while rushika and malavika have very little to do,. But comedy actors leading from raju talikote, chandru, madnya ramesh and sadhu kokila carry the day for the film.

Imran Sardaria's dances are good. GSV Seetharam has shot abroad locations and he is good again at his work.
Alex Paul's music is promising -
the songs Thuppa Beka Thuppa for Ragini and Nodabeda Kanne… for Rushika Singh are very nice. But M S Ramesh is the king with silly yet situational dialogues.
Last but not the Least –
A loyal family is always lovable family.

It is Good Spicy & Lengthy Score : 3/5

Cast: V Ravichandran, Ramesh Aravind, Vijay Raghavendra, Monica, Ragini, Yajna Shetty, Rishika Singh, Sihikahi Chandru, Mandya Ramesh, Sadhu Kokila and others.
Music: Alex Paul
Cinematography: GSV Seetharam
Producer: K Manju
Direction: Udayaprakash
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