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Guruprasad - Every Film Should Make a Reference!

Updated on : Sep 08, 2011



Guruprasad - Every Film Should Make a Reference!

The pride of Kannada cinema direction Guruprasad of two big hits ‘Mata and Eddelu Manjunatha’ is back to work after providing dialogues for 100 days run film ‘Hudugaru’ for Dr Rajakumar camp.

The film he has started is ‘Directors Special’. The specialty of this film is that there is no heroine; one of the songs will be shot in Sri Lanka. One more theme song will appear in the background. There will be no audio release of this two songs and no heroine film.

For the first time in Kannada film history the film ‘Directors Special’ is going to have 22 assistants for a director. In that 8 are associates and 14 are assistant directors. Highly qualified people come for work and I have allocated work. One prestigious person is Mr Srinivasamurthy a research scientist from Tata Institute and another cop who has given up his job Ramesh are in the team disclosed Guruprasad.

Rangayana Raghu plays the lead and he is sure to steal the show on the silvers screen says Guruprasad. Of course I am expecting a hat trick as my previous two films hit century

The delay in producer Govindu’s third venture ‘Directors Special’ is because of change in the entire script. Previously it was made for Komalkumar and now it is Rangayana Raghu. The purpose of this film is to show that this kind of film is possible. I have made an effort to change the regular route of films made. I strongly believe in the policy that every film should set a new reference instead of banking on guidelines that are already there in cinema. That is creativity according to me.

I have done it so in ‘Mata’ and ‘Eddelu Manjunatha’ says Guruprasad.

After completion of the film ‘Directors Special’ Guruprasad is taking up a film with only two characters and the budget of the movie will be Rs.75 lakhs. Even for ‘Directors Special’ Guruprasad has told give me time. I have assured him 60 percent of the investment made on the film. After the release it is not difficult to gain remaining 40 percent states Guruprasad.

Producer Govindu has got the strength to make 10 films. He has lost in ‘Vishnu Sene and Anjali Geethanjali’. He is such a nice guy who definitely needs a breakthrough says Guruprasad.

Guruprasad has producers ready for three more films for next year. He is busy till December 2012. Meanwhile his animation film ‘Bombeyatavayya’ is premiered in Suvarana channel on November 14 – Children Day.
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