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'Police Story - 3' to enter Guinness Record!

Updated on : Jun 07, 2011



'Police Story - 3' to enter Guinness Record!

In case the film ‘Police Story-3’ by Thriller Manju - director, actor and stunt composer with 220 persons on floor and 650 personalities support for shaping up a film in ’12 hours’ come out with first copy within 11 days – then it has the bright chances of entering the Guinness Records. If it properly submits the papers before 30th of June it has also a place in Limca Book of Records. The earlier Guinness Record for first copy of the film in a short duration is a Suresh Joachim of Canada has produced the “Sivappu Mazhai” in 11 days 23 hours and 45 minutes in Chennai, India, creating a history of sort, entering Guinness Hall of Fame. He also becomes Canada’s No. 1 record breaker in film making. Previous Record in fast film making: Scripting to screening in 13 days for “The Fastest Forward” (UK 1990), produced By Russ Malkin and directed by John Gore (both UK).

‘We have not done for the record purpose but to remain something notable for my 25 years of my stint in cinema industry’ says Thriller Manju. As Sadhu Kokila has rightly put up ‘It is experience for all the experienced directors’ in completing 12 hours shoot cinema ‘Police Story-3’.

The stylish hero, director and producer Kichcha Sudeep was in shoot from morning 10 to 5 pm to give the required force for the film of Aditya Creations first venture produced by Shivananda Madashetty.

12 hours shot film with 12 action scenes will be ready with first print within 11 days. The film will be released on 21st day of start of shoot, it will be 12000 feet length, six directors, five cameraman, four sets, and one outdoor shoot consisting of 66 scenes for the film. Each director got 10 to 13 scenes to complete. At Bangalore Palace the sets were erected for this film. Out of 220 technicians on floor who worked 650 people involved in completing this task the ground work for the film was very good.

The film has to be ready by 11 days with first copy and then immediately censor will be approached for the certificate. There is a record in the Guinness record books that a film is made ready with first print in 11 days 24 minutes and 43 seconds.

According to Thriller Manju this is a commercial cinema. The chase, killings, action scenes were captured moving various localities of Bengaluru. Thriller Manju plays the lead with Trishul Sandeep, Shravanth, Arun, Neha Patil, Disha Poovaiah, Sadhu Kokila, Bullet Prakash, Michael Madhu and others.

‘Police Story-3’ the 12 hours shot cinema is produced by Aditya Creations the first venture for Shivananda Madashetty who hails from Kanakapura taluk near Bangalore. The expenditure for the film is quite more to what I thought earlier. But the ‘Master’ at work Thriller Manju has done pretty good attempt. A film that is shot in 35 days we have shot in 12 hours is not a small achievement says Shivananda Madashetty.

The film has screenplay, stunts, direction supervision and lead role from Thriller Manju. The cast has Sudeep, Sadhu Kokila, Shobaraj, Satyaprakash and others.

Directors are Thriller Manju, Sadhu Kokila, JG Krishna, Anand P Raju, Vasu and Shanker. Cinematographers are Krishnakumar, MR Seenu, Manohar, Anand, JG Krishna and Gowri Venkatesh. Shanker has written the story; Venugopal has penned the dialogue, editor is Kemparaj and music by Sagar.

For this film of ‘Police Story-3’ Thriller Manju, Ultimate Shivu, Jumper krishan, Chandru, Tiger Madhu and Surya, Praksash and Harris Johny are the stunt director for 12 different actions.

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