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Mallikarjuna Kannada Movie Review

Updated on : May 27, 2011




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Mallikarjuna Kannada Movie Review

STORY: This is a remake of 2001 Tamil film ‘Thavasi’. It is about ‘Tit for Tat’. An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth philosophy of the Babylonian civilization.

The village Zamindar Mallikarjuna (V Ravichandran with new hairdo) is highly respected in and around his villages. He has a strong enemy in his own village that is Vishakanta (Ashish Vidyarthi). Vishakanta killed Mallikarjuna sister after marriage is the reason for permanent vengeance. The rulings of Mallikarjuna are respected by everyone except Vishakanta. The vicious mind of Vishakanta hatches a plot. He wants his daughter to be the daughter in law in the house of Mallikarjuna. Soorya (Ravichandran again) is the strict follower of his father Mallikarjuna even though he is an MBBS graduate.

Vishakanta come with the procession asking for the boy to his daughter to Mallikarjuna house. That is strongly turned down. Vishakanta forcibly handover the plate he has brought that is exchanged at the engagement.

The burglary of ornaments in the temple makes Mallikarjuna to wrongly frame the maidservant son of his house who was suspiciously found in the temple on the previous night.

There is some twist in the tale after innocent commit suicide. This is the plot of Vishakanta to inconvenience the family of Mallikarjuna. For the loss of son to the maidservant, Mallikarjuna send his son Soorya to stay in the house serving for life long. Soorya was about to tie the sacred Mangalasutra to Priya (Sada) agrees to his father verdict. Soorya becomes a servant in the house of maidservant of Mallikarjuna house. Priya comes to the house of Mallikarjuna.

After some struggle Soorya learns the situations properly and he decides to take out the wrong doers in this case. Soorya once again in the Kalyana Mantap solves the bloody crisis that has put his family in a fix.

ANALYSIS: There is good twist in the tale and the vengeance continues till the last reel. All is not told in convincing style is the major bottleneck of this film.

The required power is missing; the sensitive issues are not brought on the screen convincingly. There are too many unwanted scenes in the film that could have been pruned.

The comedy scenes are a big bore and they are so disjointed. The sentiment scenes are over loaded to please the family audience. The sharp cutting of the shots and scenes adjustment has not happened.

When a remake is made the nativity angle is very important. There is no need to bring the same shirt or pant to the protagonist. As a servant Ravichandran in the house of maidservant house of Hema Chaudhary, clearing the cow dung also he looks so smart with his costume and make up.

The hairdo for senior Ravichandran is something not pleasant to watch. His forehead and till nose the hair covers up.

In Mallikarjuna director Murali Mohan has not used his brain and sharp and crisp style. The character of Sudhip Tho and rape sequence was not required. To explain the good of the protagonist one stunning sequence is enough.

PERFORMANCE: V Raichandran is casual in the junior role and he has not given the power required for the senior role. We don’t see the romantic Ravichandran at all. That is his trump card. In the dance sequences the shirts V Ravichandran wears are of poor quality. Costume is the one department that lifts the actor.

Sada is misfit, Seetha is a tearjerker, Ashish Vidyarthi shouts at the top of his voice – the audience easily understands that he is going to be defeated.

Sudheep Tho is a waste; he does not have the ability to express. Ramesh Bhat and Hema Chaudhary are good in their roles.

TECHNICALITY: The standards in the technical division is give a go. GSV Seetharam camera work is partially good. SA Rajakumar in his music has given one melodious tune Chanda Chanda…..

The editing is not up to the mark in this film. The better judge of the film is editor. He has taken sleeping doses it seems.

LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST: Ancient subject to the modern days! This is not V Ravichandran type of film.


BANNER: SS Combines
TITEL: Mallikarjuna
CAST: V Ravichandran (double role), Seetha, Sada, Ashish Vidyarthi, Ramesh Bhat, Adhi Lokesh, Hema Chaudhary, Sudhip Tho, Bullet Prakash, Kavya, Dingri Nagaraj, RGV and others
MUSIC: SA Rajakumar
PRODUCER: Dinesh Gandhi
DIRECTION: Murali Mohan
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