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Mathondu Madhuvena Kannada Movie Review

Updated on : Apr 08, 2011



Mathondu Madhuvena Kannada Movie Review

Mathdondu Maduvena Movie Review: ‘Mathondu Madhuvena’ is a sequel to the ‘Eradana Madhuve’ that has made good business in the direction of Dinesh Baboo in the last year.

The take off is daughter of the house Mrudula (Priyanka) getting married to Vivek (Naveen Krishna) and parents of Mrudula injecting various controlling methods forms the main force for the film that creates various confusions in the young couple married life.

Mrudula mother Malavika (Suhasini Manirathnam) are one side and Vivek and his father in law Vishwa (Ananthnag) give some lessons on how to exercise control. Both Mrudula and Vivek adhere to such advices but their life is not colorful. Further confusion confound in the family when Mrudula becomes pregnant. Due to senseless work of a doctor (played by Umesh) the records exchanging in the hospital heighten the confusion.

Mrudula and Vivek find their own way but another problem crops up for Vishwa. His old friend Veena (Jennifer Kotwal) in the room of Vishwa picking up the phone of Malavika further leads to problems. Looking at suspicious attitudes of parents children in the family – young ones leave the home in dismay further opens up what the elders have done wrong.

The take off from ‘Eradane Madhuve’ to ‘Mathdondu Maduvena’ is not convincing because of the change of actors in this sequel. The parents are well qualified in ‘Mathondu Madhuvena’ and feeding wrong signals to the just married does not jell.

When the newlywed couple Vivek and Mrudula are telling the parents they are OK the life is smooth and no one is suspecting still the elders poke their nose looks very artificial. The natural flow is what required at this stage.

Director Dinesh Baboo is known for rewriting his own script and bringing in new characters he has failed in the sequel.

The developments taking place at many places look so silly but the performance of artists is what makes such silly things tolerable.

The point of director at one point of time – telling so many good things that are truthful did not work out but uttering one lie making many changes is an eye opener to the entire society.

For the characters like Sharan, Raju Thalikote and Thara just because they are good at acting dialogues and situations are filled in.

There was no need to bring suspicion in Malavika and Vishwa with the entry of Veena character. The young Turks in the house walking out and realization part would have been enough to end the film.

Ananthnag and Suhasini are perfect in this sequel. The delivery of dialogues histrionics costumes and their moments of anxiety is very good.

Naveen Krishna wins in every frame of his acting. He has taken the role very seriously and made it look so easy. His dialogue delivery is a trump cast. Priyanka for the first time looking sensuous in the song needs a few good roles to prove her mettle. She is talented but for the height.

Thara and Sharan range is something magnificent in the comedy department. The modulation working out at the dubbing time is a boon to these two characters.

Veena Sunder and Raju Thalikote are apt. There is nothing for Jennifer Kotwl to prove in this film.

There is precise color required for the eyes. Every character that comes on screen is well dressed and make up is so perfect. The color usage is the hall mark of all Dinesh Baboo films. This being the 100th film he should have taken care at the editing table. Nobody asks the film makers to stretch 14000 feet or 15000 feet.

Cameraman Suresh Byrasandra angles for some of the shots are too good. There is only one song that is very melodious to hear and capturing it for screen it is pleasant.

Last But Not the Least:-
Beware of second set up!

A Mediocre Film:- Score 2.5/5

Title:- Mathondu Madhuvena
Cast:- Ananthnag, Suhasini Manirathnam, Naveen Krishna, Priyanka, Thara, Sharan, Raju Thalikote, Jennifer Kotwal, Veena Sunder, Spoorvi and others.
Cinematography:- Suresh Byrasandra
Music:- Giridhar
Producers:- Umesh Banakar, Anil Menasinakayi
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues, Direction:- Dinesh Baboo
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