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Rating : 2/5

Namitha, the red hot, most bombarded, sexiest heroine with her thagda body has remained the main icon for this movie "Jaganmohini". Movie being a remake of yesteryear’s wonder “Jaganmohini” of Vithalaacharya and Music being composed by Laya Raja Ilayaraja…all these reasons have taken the back seat for one and only Namitha and her sexy show as "Jaganmohini".


The kingdom of Matsyadeevi has got an announcement that Prince Jagan Prathap (Raja) is entering into a wed lock with Jayanthi (Meera Chopra). When it is the time to celebrate, a sudden jerk to the audience as a water devil creates huge devastation in the kingdom. No prizes for guessing the water devil, its none other than our hero(ine) Namitha. But Tantrik (Kota Srinivasa Rao) controls her and traps in his Kamandalam. Who is this Water Devil? Why does she stop the marriage? What is her purpose? forms the rest of the story.

In brief the remaining story is that, there is an island with the name Shankham where Mohini (Namitha), daughter of a fisherman live along with her family. She dances happily with her mother (Jyothilaxmi) for no reason…(Just to entertain the audience with Mini Mini size Bikinis). But from no where comes the Prince Jagan Prathap to this island and falls instantly in love with Mohini. They do the romance which is an eye treat for Namitha fans. But King being serious about Jagan Prathap loving a fisherman’s daughter sends a troop to kill her and the mission is accomplished. The dead Mohini with her unfulfilled dreams turns back as Water Devil. Then with turns and twists, at last Jagan Prathap agrees for share his love to both Jayanthi and Mohini. But how, Ram Gopal Varma has found a solution…the soul of Mohini will enter Jayanthi…that’s so cool “Darling”.

Artist Performances:

Namitha who tried so hardly to get back her lost following in Tamil and Telugu has done everything to the movie. She wore mini mini bikinis, she wore the wettest of the wettest saris, and she kept all those sexy expressions with her oomph filling half of the screen. Although movie’s plot belongs to some medieval times of our history, how come are those Tar roads, Electric bulbs in this movie? What a big blunder Director Vishwanathan. Raja who has donned the role of Jagan Prathap is at his worst in the movie. He has been such a mismatch to Namitha…that you feel of vomiting some times. Meera Chopra is far better than any other in this movie. Jaganmohini is much rated as visual grandeur…it is all a big aloof. Strictly speaking Vithalaacharya feels ashamed by looking the work of graphical division in this movie, as years past the old “Jaganmohini” is far better than this.

Technical Departments:

Music by Ilayaraja and the impact of the songs are seen as a major plus of the movie. We know that the maestro even made a trip to Hungary to get the special effects for the background score, showing the importance he gave for this movie. The N. K. Vishwanathan directed Jaganmohini is neither spooky nor amusing. Even if you are a die-hard Namitha fan, don’t be surprised if you become incensed towards the end of the movie, for she’s all over it.
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It is the look of the leading lady Namitha and many say that this voluptuous beauty was looking like the goddess of sex. In modern terms, many have been saying that Namitha’s beauty in the film is like taking a Viagra pill.
Much-awaited Jaganmohini had its music launch today (Saturday, August 22, 2009) at Prasad Labs in Hyderabad. The film stars Namitha as a ghost with Raja playing a prince and Nila playing his wife.
Jaganmohini featuring Namita in title role and Raja and Meera Chopra also in central roles is finally releasing its audio on August 22. The release date of the film is yet to be decided but the makers are sure to release the film in September.
The film ‘Jaganmohini’ starring Raja, Namita and Meera Chopra in lead roles is getting ready to release.. NK Viswanathan is directing the film while H Murali is producing the film under Murali Cine Arts banner.Maestro Ilayaraja composed the music for this movie.
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