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Dongala Muta Review

Updated on : Mar 18, 2011




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Dongala Muta Review

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Dongala Muta Movie Review – Dongala Muta Review – Dongala Mutha Review: 

Ram Gopal Varma, who stopped making films and just ‘marketing’ films, has come up with yet another marketing strategy with this movie. Dongala Mutha is being publicized as the lowest budget film ever in Indian cinema history. It is shot with Canon 5D cameras and has an ensemble star cast. Let’s get into the details of Dongala Muta. Here is the review…


Sudhir and Rani (Raviteja and Charmi) are husband and wife, who get caught up in a deserted place where there is nothing except a resort. They look for a mechanic to repair the car but in vain. So they decide take some rest in that resort. Soon they discover that they were trapped in that resort. They come to know that they are caught in a dangerous situation. How they find a way out of that place sums up this story.


As this was shot in five days, it understandably lacks a proper script. Ram Gopal Varma tried to pass off a pointless, purposeless film in the name of an experiment. Although his attempt to set a new trend and show people how to make a film in shoestring (literally) budget can be lauded, we can’t accept a film that has nothing to offer. There is nothing in this film except repetitive scenes, dialogues and hidings. It would be a torturous ninety minutes to sit through as it hardly draws your attention. Ram Gopal Varma successfully fooled audience at the expense of some big stars. However, this time he didn’t get much patronage for the first show (poor opening) as people started to disbelieve him. Good for them.


Raviteja is fine but is wasted in that aimless role. Charmi irritates you with her broken Telugu. Lakshmi Manchu suits her role. So does Subbaraju and Supreet. Brahmaji looks weird and Prakash Raj is completely unwanted. Brahmanandam is another actor who has gone wasted. Sunil’s role is forced into the film. He is not needed for it.


Dialogues are bad at the best. All the actors repeat the same word in many scenes. Should we credit those as dialogues? Background score is terrible. It is so loud that one can’t help but close their ears in agony. This film is shot on 5D Canon cameras and does it bring a revolution? Certainly not. Only documentaries and short films can be attempted with this technique, not feature films. What is the purpose of making a film when it hardly bears any quality?

Plus Points:

- Star cast

Minus points:

- Story
- Screenplay
- Music
- Dialogues
- Direction

Final Word: Dongala Muta could be safely ignored. Only saving grace is it is not as torturous as Appalaraju. Wait for a week, it should be in TVs!

Dongala Muta Review rating: 2/5

Banner: A Shreya Productions
Casting: Ravi Teja, Charmi, Lakshmi Manchu, Prakash Raj, Brahmaji, Brahmanandam
Music: Amar Mohile
Producer: Ram Gopal Varma
Direction: Ram Gopal Varma

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