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Aptha Kannada Movie Review

Updated on : Feb 25, 2011




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Aptha Kannada Movie Review


It is a revenge saga in ‘Aptha’. The one close to heart faces defeat in life. Losing ‘Aptha’ (very dear) how the male counterpart takes revenge is the crux of this film.

Vijay (Neeraj Sham) left in lurch is protected by village chieftain. He grows up in the house where Anjali (Pooja Gandhi) is the daughter of his master. At the time of death village chieftain takes promise from Vijay that he will safeguard Anjali. According to the wishes Vijay not only protects Anjali, gives her good education and see to it she joins the medical college for graduation to become a doctor.

It is at college campus four batch mates of Anjali – Pragna, Poonam, Manasi, Bhavyakala and rogue Guna rag the village belle but when the complaint is lodged they pretend to be friend to Anjali. Guna (Santosh Balaji) mixes tablets in the juice consumed by Anjali and capture the nude photos of Anjali. Not only has this he distributes the photographs of Anjali to his friends in the internet. That makes Anjali to commit suicide.

In the post interval Vijay in various get ups in Bangalore kill one by one. When it comes to Pragna term she alert her friend Manasi and the police take control of the situation. But Vijay successful pierces a huge rod at one shot to Pragna and Manasi.


The revenge saga in ‘Aptha’ reminds that of ‘Sigappu Rojakal’ of Kamal Hassan to some extent. The interval point disclosing the motives of the protagonist should have been kept as suspense. When the suspense is open to public who are watching the film the post interval is not that interesting.

The protagonist taking the revenge comes out clear at the interval point. Sanjeevkumar Megoti with good work experience in the direction department in his first independent direction has got stuff but here and there he should have rewritten the screenplay.

Director Sanjeevkumar has picked the right cast for the film and on the music part he should have been more substance in it.

The Sadhu Kokila episode could have been reduced a little to make the film more interesting and crispy.

The beginning of the film where the child of a prostitute mother screaming and uttering dialogues is of course a stark reality but it is crude.


Neeraj Sham as Vijay and later in various names has done a good job in his debut in Kannada. He is a hero material and he should open up when it comes to dialogues.

For Pooja Gandhi this is the one that brings down her reputation. She has been sidelined. She comes in only post interval and the role is not befitting to her heroine image and popularity in Kannada. There are chances of getting non heroine roles for her keeping ‘Aptha’ in mind.

Poonam looks very grand, Manasi has the ability, Pragna is wasted, Bhavyakala has no opportunity to prove her talent.

Sadhu Kokila as beggar and his police station episode is a torture. His portions needed scissors.


The film is very poor when it is open sunlight. The light and darkness in the interiors are well maintained. The outdoor scenes are not competent enough because of the satellite telecast of the film in Abhinay theatre. Cameraman PS Babu has worked hard for the film but results have not come.

Skar Mario music gives only one melody song shot on Pooja Gandhi and Neeraj Sham. The background score for this film is OK.

Last but not the least – Instead of revenge you avenge but not by killing.

Rating: 2.5/5
Cast: Neeraj Sham, Pooja Gandhi, Pragna, Manasi Vasudevan, Poonam, Bhavyakala, Sadhu Kokila, Santosh Balaji, Bullet Prakash, Ravikiran and others.
Music: Skar Mario,
Cinematography: PS Babu,
Story, Screenplay, Direction: Sanjeevkumar,
Producers: Dharmalingam and Megoti Sanjeev Kumar
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