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Kal Manja Kannada Movie Review

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Kal Manja Kannada Movie Review


This is the story of Malayalam writer Rafi Mecartin. It was made in Malayalam as ‘Chathikkatha Chanthu (Chanthu who never cheats) in 2004.

This is about the protagonist Manja who is called as ‘Kal Manja’ for lifting the story. But one of the story of Kalmanja related to Vasumathi is half way correct. When Kal Manja is compelled to write a letter to Vasumathi by Indra (Aishwaraya Nag) father the letter reaches the right person is the shocking similarity. Vasumathi (Udayatara) about to end her life is baffled with the letter in her house. She decides against suicide and catches a bus to Bangalore to meet Kal Manja. When Vasumathi arrives she learns for fun the letter is written. She swallows her pain and is given shelter by action director Thriller Manju a co passenger in the bus. Kal Manja staying with action director house is not aware that the letter he had written has similarity to the life of Vasumathi who is living with him.

With this imaginary story Kal Manja knocks the door of producers but every time he goes he meets Guruprasad. Fed up of Kal Manja the director Guruprasad gives a patient hearing to the story but at one point of time the continuation to the story is given by Vasumathi. So it is stage set for making a film with this subject but there is interruption when Indra arrives on the scene.

In the family of Vasumathi she is rigorously searched because on completion of her 21 years the huge property is the main focus for inmates. Vasumathi is kidnapped and put in a bungalow. The film team members that search Vasumathi finally enact a ghost play to teach a lesson to the family members of Vasumathi.

Finally the culprits understand their mistake when the grandfather of the house kills his son saving. ‘Kal Manja’ is ticklish ending when two heroines decide to marry him.

This is a 15 reels Kannada cinema ‘Kal Manja’. The length of this film is the main bottleneck. The first half is a big bore and second half because of the hilarious climax makes the audience to curiously watch.

Once again seven years old subject is fed to the Kannada audience and the similarities are found in many films that have come in the last six years.

Ramesh Prabhakaran the debutant via remake film has no hold on the Kannada films and he has not understood the medium very well. There are many repeated shots, inconsequential scenes. All that could have avoided to make this film a crispy film. The chances are foiled by director.

Firstly Kal Manja telling the same story quite often is disgusting. The fun filled scenes and dialogues were needed instead of Komalkumar repetition. Knowing the interest of the story writer one could have been finally selected.

Komalkumar should know his limits. Because he is the producer he should have taken care at the length of the film. Cutting down the size of the film inside the four walls could have been reduced his expenditure.

No story is written but it is rewritten is what Komalkumar should know. The seven years later the Malayalam film coming on silver screen the audience have also changed. They want fast moving tidy films. There was chance to make the same from this Malayalam original script.

The songs are intruders that do not serve the purpose. To boost up his image as hero from this film Komalkumar has adjusted the songs.


Komalkumar is best known in Kannada cinema for his histrionics and dialogue delivery like his elder brother Jaggesh. He should have completely concentrated on it instead of poking nose in every scene and his dialogues are not that rib tickling. At some places he has imitated Rajanikanth. In dance numbers Komalkumar looks very fat and his movements are not quick. He is not like the regular hero is what he should understand first.

Udayatara is very good in the emotional role but Aishwarya Nag looks very beautiful on screen. Aishwarya Nag has not got the good chance to perform.

Srinivasamurthy as grand old man has given grand performance. The speedy dialogues of director Guruprasad is worth hearing. Thriller Manju as action director does not react well as an actor.


The production values are good. The investment is seen on the screen. There is hard work from various technical persons related to the film.

Cinematography by Kaviyarasu is not up to the mark. The quality not coming on screen may be because of the satellite screening.

Emil has given two good tunes and he loves the instruments more than the lyrics are very much evident from this film. Emil it is first important for you to learn the language and know the value of words written.

At least in the editing department KM Prakash should have exercised control instead of giving this lengthy film. At least half an hour reduction – there was scope for it.

Last but not the Least – Over night rice is not always good. ‘Kal Manja’ is even years old story!

Reting: 3/5
Banner: Soundaraya Lahari Combines
Cast: Komalkumar, Udayatara, Aishwarya Nag, Thriller Manju, Guruprasad, Srinivasamurthy, Ramesh Bhat, Killer Venkatesh and others
Music: Emil
Cinematography: Kaviyarasu
Producer: Smt Anasooya Komalkumar
Direction: Ramesh Prabhakaran
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