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Olave Mandhara Kannada Movie Review

Updated on : Jan 21, 2011




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Olave Mandhara Kannada Movie Review


‘Olave Mandhara’ Kannada cinema is a travelogue cinema from Bangalore to Assam for the debutant hero Shrikanth and for old couple Rangayana Raghu and Veena Sunder it is travel from Bangalore to Kashi with the help of a cartwheel.

In this travelogue the experiences thrown out is what makes the audience to sit and render soft corner to the characters.

The Assam based Prithi (Akanksha) is a mesmerizing beauty for Shrikanth (Shrikanth). In the national level competition the global warming song and dance by Shrikanth earns  him first prize and in his first look at Prithi who had come for Assam with her team the love blossom.

The jovial youngster Shrikanth was not that serious when he tells Prithi that he loves her. On the other side Prithi takes this seriously. As the days pass Shrikanth realizes what true love is. He decides to reciprocate his true love to Prithi. He sees the old couple moving to Varanasi. Rathna (Rangayana Raghu) is carrying his handicap wife Nanji (Veena Sunder) in a cartwheel to Varanasi to get darshan of Kashi Vishveswara.

From here afterwards the film ‘Olave Mandara’ becomes a two track cinema. Both are expression of love and respecting the love is what memorable indeed.

Shrikanth decides to run from Bangalore to Assam to meet Preethi to tell her that he loves her and want to marry her. The boy from affluent family faces uphill task. He faces many hurdles and finally wins in his mission running thousands of kilometers. It is a tragedy for the old couple. Nanji loses her breath on reaching Varanasi. Rathna decides to end his life.


What is humanly impossible is possible only in cinema. This film is far from reality. Expression of love in any magnitude is OK but showing the hero running all the way from Bangalore to Assam covering thousands of kilometers is an unacceptable factor.

For such illogical steps of the director the audience feels cinema is a ‘Bundle of Talent’. This is an experimental cinema but there was no need to register that the protagonist is a marathon runner. He runs faster than ace athlete PT Usha! The old couple also moving on a cartwheel – the husband pulling the cart where his wife is sitting to Kashi Vishwanatha temple is unimaginable.

Besides these two indigestive factors in the film the other elements are good. Director Jayatheertha in his debut should have consulted a group of learned friends on this running from Bangalore to Assam. The same thing anyone had done in real life he would get the national award.

The travelogue experience is good for the audience. The film moves to different part of the country, it touches the nine states with six different languages on screen.

The place where Dasharath Manji and his wife Phalguni episode is like that of ‘Onake Obbavva’ that was narrated in ‘Nagarahavu’ Kannada cinema debut of Dr.Vishnuvardhana where Abhinaya Sharadhe Jayanthi played ‘Obbavva’ role that is still memorable.

The hill made as a way for the tribal people to reach the civilized place the work of Dasharth Manji when he loses his wife for lack of proper medical care is no less compared to Taj Mahal in Agra. For 22 years Dasharath Manji works for this new way that is captured in a cinematic presentation in Kannada cinema for the first time. No other language cinema concentrated on this aspect.

In his debut film director Jayatheertha has kept the human values, value of money the struggle only can give fruitful results is wanted for the present generation. How he mixes the screenplay with the songs and moral values is interesting and he is a gutsy director.

Shrikanth in his first film is very promising. He is lively but should consult a hair dresser. Look via computer hair style give him some ideas. His hair style is a disturbance for him. As a tall looking hero he gathers good attention.

The heroine you cannot miss to watch is Akanksha. Her simple and effective looks, ability to give expressions from her eyes is marvelous.

Rangayana Raghu and Veena Sunder both capture awards in the supporting roles. Rangayana Raghu especially wins applaud for his touching performance. Sadhu Kokila in a brief presence is attractive.

Cinematography is the first wonder of this film. Ravikumar Sana using the best locations and weather conditions has given a lovely view of different parts of the country. The mist filled, rain soaked green lands on the one side and in the climax when protagonist sits on the edge of a hill how the camera is focused top to bottom and bottom to top shakes the hearts. This cameraman deserves the debut award.

Deva the master at melody has not fallen behind. There are four songs with high quality in lyrics, music and singing.

The editing is good and DI effect lifts the film.

Last but not the least – This is a running away cinema on silver screen. Let it not run away from the theatres!

Rating: 3.5/5

Cast: Shrikanth, Akanksha, Rangayana Raghu, Veena Sunder, Nazar, Sharan and others
Cinematography: Ravikumar Sana
Music: Deva
Producer: B Govindaraju
Story, Screenplay, Direction: Jayatheertha
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