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SK Bhagwan - Discipline and Dedicated

Updated on : Jan 16, 2011



SK Bhagwan - Discipline and Dedicated

The success of a director always counts on series of hits he grabs in his career. In the present scenario just one hit for a director gets him a solid position. It was like that in the yesteryears. It is the struggle and long lasting nature kept them going. The success was followed by ‘Discipline and Dedication’. The zoom and zenith of success of yesteryear directors talk even to this day. One such stalwart of yesteryears is duo ‘Dorai-Bhagwan’. Now only Bhagwan is living and his long time companion responsible for many hits died a few years ago. The hit duo directors made 25 films in a long career standing as a classical example of loyalty and lively films.

Born on July 5, 1933 Mysorean Srinivasa Krishna Iyengar Bhagwan began his career as assistant in the camp of Kanagal Prabhakara Shastri in 1956 for the film ‘Bhagyodaya’. Dorai Bhagwan duo made debut from a bond film ‘Jedara Bale’ in 1968 and went on to give some of the epoch making films like Kasthuri Nivasa, Eradu Kanasu, Bayalu dhari, Gaali Mathu, Chandayana Gombe, Hosa Belaku, Benkiya Bale, Jeeva Chaitra etc. the duo have jointly directed twenty three novels in Kannada.

SK Bhagwan heads the Adarsha Film Institute as principal today has drawn away from direction leading a retired life.

We give you a glimpse of his life, career and thoughts:

·         Coming from Mysore to Bangalore I was the student of first batch of Bangalore High school. Prof G Venkatasubbaiah who is 97 years today is my guru.
·         I was doing the ‘Sthree’ roles on stage with famous Hirannaiah Mithra Mandali.
·         So far 55 films with Dorairaj most of them my last film was ‘Mangalya Bandhana’. I have seen many successes in my career.
·         There was absolute coordination and with clean thoughts we both worked. The subjects we chose to make a film were also very important. Dorai was a very good writer.
·         With solid understanding we have been able to direct 30 of Dr Rajakumar starring films.
·         Currently at Adarsha Film institute as principal. At this age of 76 I am told as the tip top director.
·         I worked for Veera Puthra first and those were the days I had nothing to fill my stomach.
·         I was taking Kai Thutthe when Parvathamma Rajakumar was mixing anna and rasam. Dr Rajakumar and Varadappa were also taking the ‘Kai Thutthu’.
·         In Cinema my Guru is GV Iyer. The script of Bedara Kannappa the launch pad of Dr Rajakumar I wrote on the instructions of director and Iyer is still there at AVM Studio Chennai.
·         Rajan-Nagendra are known for Thai Bhakthi, Udaykumar and Rajkumar were known for Pithru Bhakthi and Dorai and Bhagwan were known for Mithra Bhakthi in those days.
·         I have acted as a hero in Mangala Soothra. In small roles I have also acted in Bhagyodaya, Bangalore Mail, Rowdy Ranganna, Hosabelaku, Vasantha Geetha, Aaditya and Soothradhaara.
·         Karuneye Kutumba Kannnu I have worked the first novel based film in Kannada. The acquaintance of Ta Ra Su, Beechi, Ana Krishna Rao was memorable.
·         When Industry shifted from Madras to Bangalore the break also started cropping up.
·         In the social novel films Dr Rajakumar acted there was no anti activity on screen. He was always ‘Shreshta’.
·         Today cinema should give up weapons. Novelty is required despite of technological advancement.
·         For Mantralaya Mahatme Dr Rajakumar was very strict for 43 days even in food consumption. He climbed the 18000 by walk without wearing chappal. That dedication and loyalty is required today.
·         That is the reason why Dr Rajakumar and Dr Vishnuvardhana could do 200 plus films.
·         Even today Dr Raj children give prominence to subjects.
·         From sixties, seventies and eighties I have directed great actresses like Leelavathi, Jayanthi, Bharati, Arati, Kalpana. Manjula, Lakshmi, Geetha, Sudharani etc.·         I have given reading of three scripts to Shivarajakuar and two he has liked.
·         Time should come to take up direction once again.
·         My favorite song is from Sandhya Raaga, Eradau Kanasu, Jeevana Chaitra, Kasturi Nivasa and Chandanadha Gombe.
·         When Appu was born the nurse handed the baby to my hand as Dr Rajakumar was busy in shooting. I held the baby later Smt Parvathamma Rajakumar said you have touched Appu for the first time I am sure he will reach the height. With an award like Dr Rajakumar Souhardha I feel my life is fulfilled.

Sandhya Raaga with MC Narasimhamurthy in 1966,

1.       Jedara Bale (1968)
2.       Goadalli CID 999 (1969)
3.       Operation Jackpot
4.       Kasthuri Nivasa (1971) (only SK Bhagwan as director)
5.       Prathidwani
6.       Eradu Kanasu
7.       Bayalu Daari
8.       Girikanye (1977)
9.       Operation Diamond Rocket (1978)
10.    Chandanadha Gombe (1979)
11.    Nanobba Kalla
12.    Vasantha Geetha (1980)
13.    Gaali Mathu
14.    Samayadha Gombe
15.    Muniya Madhari
16.    Hosa Belaku
17.    Benkiya Bale
18.    Yarivanu?
19.    Bidugadeya Bedi
20.    Sedina Hakki
21.    Hennina Koogu
22.    Gagana
23.    Neenu Nakkare Halu Sakkare
24.    Jeevana Chaithra
25.    Odahuttidavaru

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